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You Are a Beautiful Human, Kind and Loving

You Are a Beautiful Human, Kind and Loving

I believe every human being has the freedom to decide what kind of world they would like to experience. There is no right or wrong, but perhaps the difference is how it makes us feel. No person perceives their environment the same way. In diversity, we clarify what we like the most, hence embracing our uniqueness. Besides, allowing others to live the life they consider to be best for them is liberating.

We walk through life observing the world around us. The way we register it is the reflection of what we are ready to see within ourselves. Within us, we have the whole Universe connected to us at all times, regardless of us being aware of it or not. 

We often argue about our own limitations, cultivating beliefs that are based on fears and insecurities we have been picking up by letting ourselves be influenced. According to Abraham Hicks, “a belief is just a thought that we have been thinking for such a long time that it becomes a belief.” 

So, wouldn’t it be nice to think thoughts that we can predominantly turn to happy and joyful beliefs?

We often look for outside validation, forgetting that what others mirror to us is the exact reflection of how we think about ourselves. We want people to like us but most importantly we have to like and love ourselves. Ultimately, the love we feel within is the love we can give, and perhaps that is the closest most unconditional feeling we could experience. Feel your way through and you will surely know what the life you are choosing to live is.

As we grow, we are so focused on what we have learned and how we are supposed to label things that sometimes we become blind to see the world beyond its form. It is great to identify our environment; it is also great to be aware that we are creating it. I believe that our essence is love, and that is just our focus on being able to see the best around us. There is always something to appreciate.

Having consciousness that keeps you alive and feeling every breath in and out, is extraordinary because you are.

Just the fact that we are alive makes us worthy to live an amazing life full of love and all those experiences and things we dream of. 

Every tangible manifestation starts with an idea; we create an image in our mind that becomes a physical reality in time. We shape our own lives through our thought patterns. Being aware of that gives us clarity in focusing on thoughts that make us feel good, reflecting back to us with a fuller experience. When we reach one desire, we always have another one, and that is how we evolve. We aim to grow and constantly expand because it is important to enjoy our own creation process. There is never a final desire that will absolutely complete us.

In most of what we think and do, being predominantly satisfied and finding pleasure will bring us an extraordinary life and enough inspiration translated into actions of joy and kindness. By our own example of our extraordinary becoming, we can uplift those around us. 

Photography // Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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