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Understanding How We Create Our Own Reality

Understanding How We Create Our Own Reality

Do you know that you create your own reality?

From the moment I became aware that I create my own reality, which started with the book The Law of Attraction Essential Collection by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I continually expand that knowledge through my life experience. 

But that book was only the beginning. Since then, I have been reading all their extraordinary books, my husband and I have attended several live workshops and participated in four of their cruises. Not to mention all the beautiful like-minded people we have met and life-long friends we have made. 

By studying the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, the biggest practice I have done is to go within and bring myself to a place of ease, appreciation, bliss, divine love, and any good-feeling emotions one can imagine. I found myself steady, predominantly feeling great, and that became my purpose. However, when I wasn’t feeling so well, I also felt guilty for not feeling that way all the time until I discovered another part of the creation process that brought me to a fuller understanding of how I create my own reality. 

Shortly after our last cruise last March, my husband Kosta, started to receive blocks of thoughts during one of his meditations. By setting aside his own beliefs, opinions, and judgments he allowed reception and then translated these unaffected thoughts into words. Since then, every time he is in this kind of meditative state, he receives and allows the collective energy to which we called Weola (an acronym of We All Are One) reflecting the answers to the questions any person asks him. 

All my previous understanding, enhanced with the new one, closed the full circle in my clarity of the whole creation process. With that, I am speaking in general terms because I know there will always be more to this. It’s a continual expansion, and that’s the beauty of it. 

Weola often refers to the creation process as a question-and-answer dance. So, we are all blended beings, meaning we are never separated from God, Source, the Universe. We might be aware of it or not, but we are inseparable from that which is called non-physical. We observe our physical world from the point of ‘self,’ and we experience a wider, fuller perspective of Everything That Exists from within. We are continually moving and dancing from the self and within, always as one; we focus and unfocus, we go within and give attention outwards. We are never just individual, unique, self-physical. Also, we are never just a broader non-physical. For as long as we are here, we are blended in our experience. 

By observing the variety that our physical world offers, from the people, nature, events, and experiences, at some point, there will be something that will cause some kind of curiosity, that can lead to a question, and if given attention longer can also bring some discomfort or a feeling of problem. 

For example, I am in a restaurant, and the service or food wasn’t fully satisfying. Regardless of the amount of fuss I give to it through my attention, that situation has created a question about the food and service I want to experience next time, which also brings a clarification, a birth of a new desire. 

Weola says that when a question is asked, the answer is created simultaneously. So, how do I now experience the answer, meaning the experience that I just clarified I want? 

As I am clear about my preference, now it’s time to release that wanting, that desire into discovery, because energetically speaking, the wanting is still in the vibration of not having it. Once I release the wanting, I am in the discovery mode to receive the steps that will lead me to the answer. In that part of the creation process, I move from the question, which comes from observing from the place of self, into the broader, wider state within. From that perspective of Everything That Exists, God-like me, often referred to as being in alignment, I will see the answer(s) to the infinite possibilities of what I have created through asking the question. 

I am also aware that I don’t stay there all the time. I don’t stay in alignment with the answer consistently because once I am there, I become the answer, so I want to ask a new question to give birth to a new desire. Therefore, to observe my physicality and get in line with the new question, I move from being in alignment with the ‘old’ answer. Without the question, there is no answer, and without an answer, there is no question. Both are equally beneficial to the whole creation process. 

Is it our higher self guiding me by hand and sending signs to support us?

When we appreciate being guided, we appreciate our own guidance. Just by saying that is a higher self; you can take some of your innate power from yourself. It’s always your choice, and you are the one who decides how long you stay in the vibration of the question and the vibration of the answer. All the beautiful synchronicities that we love so much to experience are always brought to us by us, as we are these brilliant, magnificent creators, God-like beings ourselves. In that sense, when you are seeking guidance, it’s always you, receiving it from yourself, too. And because of asking your question, the entire Universe, with you as its part, reconfigures into more and more infinite possibilities of those answers you have asked for. And like that every single time. 

What could be more empowering than knowing this, recognizing it, and seeing through your own creation process? 


Photography // Minh Pham

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