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Unconditional Way Of Living

Unconditional Way Of Living

What`s your measure of success? 

Is it getting what you want, or getting what you need?

To answer this question, we first need to rephrase it, because success will mean nothing if you are miserable. As it’s said, “If you are not happy, it’s not worth it.”

Everything starts with the desire for something. This “something” will follow you everywhere; you will lose sleep over it, you will work hard every day to get it—the thing that you want so much, which will make you happy. If this something has an actual form, then your state of happiness will last you only so long, because you want to possess the object, and the desire to possess is ephemeral. Success is not defined by the physical. It is a purely emotional state—it´s a feeling, like love. If you don’t feel it, you are focused on the absence of it.

According to Abraham Hicks’ philosophy, there are two features that define a human—desires to possess and to express. These two are on entirely different vibrational paths, which will never merge, but the person whose way of being is to express is more likely to have it all, rather than the one whose main goal is to possess.

The need to express is intrinsic—it happens; one cannot choose it. It’s exactly like love. It’s a spiritual factor of human nature. Whereas the need to possess is an imposed emotion triggered by outside influences. In our world, success is very often measured by what you possess—your material wealth. If you are a person who is ruled by self-expression, however, then your vision of success takes on a different shape. Self-expression is not necessarily tangible. More often it’s merely the state of your soul when you find yourself at peace with yourself and the world around you. 

Once your mind is free of worries, doubts, and thoughts that don’t support your well-being, you will find the way to enjoy life without the need to possess. You will discover that happiness is not a destination but a journey, and then everything will fall into place. Because when you are in the right place with yourself, you are likely to be on the right vibrational path. You are able to attract happiness, love, success, and actual wealth.

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