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Tabay Atkins: Making The World a Better Place

Tabay Atkins: Making The World a Better Place

As we allow new desires to be born, Everything That Exists reconfigures and becomes more. Source, God, The Universe, or anything we want to call the Divine perspective of who we are, expresses itself through our physicality. And we, deliberately or not, exercise our free will as we make choices to create the life we want. When we look back in retrospect, we can recognize that, throughout the generations, our increasing awareness, empowerment, and inclusion has evolved to be better, and as such, we create a fuller experience of love.

Tabay Atkins, who is 17 years old, is America’s youngest professional yogi, as well as a vegan chef, reiki master, and the face of Nike yoga. About his life’s purpose, he says, “I am looking to improve the world through my talents and leave the world better than how I found it.”

The essence of God can’t be learned; it can only be experienced. From the physical perspective, we all observe the world through our own personal vantage point, a unique accumulation of information and a vast variety of awareness. From the Divine perspective, we can experience the world beyond its physicality. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are a blend of both physical and Divine perspectives, the two parts of ourselves dancing and harmonizing with each other at all times, eternally.

In discussing how yoga allows him to balance his physical and divine forms, Tabay says, “Yoga tends to be viewed as more of a physical practice. But when you’re doing just the physical practice, then it’s not really yoga as a whole; it’s more of a physical exercise that yoga gives you. But really doing the full practice of yoga, although the physical is a big part of it, you are using that movement to tune yourself into your body, and connect your mind, body, soul, and spirit. By moving and having an awareness of your body, you are also aware and mindful of the breathing patterns. This is connecting the mind to the body, and to the breath. And as you’re doing this, you’re going deeper and deeper within yourself. As you’re flowing through the movements, you’re having more of an awareness of the bigger picture. For example, it’s not just me here, we are not separate beings. A good analogy of that would be the ocean. Each wave, which in turn grows within another wave, and then crashes on the shore, is still connected to the whole ocean. The practice of yoga is a reflection of life as whole, physical and spiritual. It starts with the Sun Salutation warming up, continues building up and then ending in Shavasana, which is the end of the practice also called corpse pose. This is the whole life-death cycle of the yoga practice—a really great metaphor for life. So, Yoga helps us understand that once the wave crashes and becomes part of the ocean, you’re not gone, you are just connecting with the greater being and the whole universe. Sometimes I’ve seen students, where we get so deep into the practice, that they are actually experiencing being one with everything and everyone,” expresses Tabay.

Kosta Trifunovic, who channels the collective energy WEOLA says, “Everything is One. You can experience this perspective the moment you get to practice a little bit of unfocusing, a quiet mind, the sense of not being so active in your actions. From a wider perspective, you can perceive that there is no difference between you and anything you give your attention to. That everything is really you from a different angle.”

We often want the world to change, focusing our attention predominantly on events and circumstances that are not to our liking. This focus outwards is powerless in comparison to the empowerment we can experience when we make the choice to look within ourselves and become the change we would like to see and experience. Everything we do for others, we do for ourselves; because whether we are giving or receiving, we are the ones who are experiencing the process of change.

Tabay says, “Whether you are trying to make a change in the world or trying to make a change for yourself, for me it’s all about being motivated, dedicated, and consistent. And yoga practice is a great way to do this because yoga is such a great way to be empowered to make a change. By doing yoga, you’re really benefiting your health. I’m learning about the philosophy of yoga and how to take yoga off the mat and into the world. And I’m inspiring other people to do that through Nike. The content I create with Nike on social media or on the Nike playlist video on YouTube, these are all getting a lot of young people to get into the practice of yoga and be empowered through this practice to make whatever change they feel inspired to make.”

The process of meditation, or any tool through which we allow ourselves to go within, creates the opportunity to see our thoughts, body, mind, and all of our physical faculties from a distance, without merely identifying ourselves with them. Therefore, we can make a deliberate choice to shift and transform any thought, belief, or memory, directing the energy toward desired experiences.

“Being aware of the connection of the mind, body, and soul, especially having an awareness of being present in the moment, is accomplished through the process of meditation. I would say, meditation is a big part of yoga practice, so it could be considered yoga, because it has a lot to do with mindfulness. And so using meditation, using these mindfulness practices, really help us get the full benefits out of the yoga practice. There are many different types of meditation, like art, playing an instrument, going to the beach, or going on a walk, or gardening, these are all forms of meditation that connect us to our mind, body, and soul. And it facilitates mindfulness not mindlessness, where the mind is going and we have no awareness of our mental state, or our inner narrator. So by doing these practices of mindfulness, whatever it may be, there’s so many different ways to do it, and so many ways to facilitate the same mental awareness that the yoga practice does. For example, building Lego is a great way for me to stay present and observe my mind without being my mind. That’s one of the biggest teachings, that we are not our mind. We are in mind, but we are not our thoughts. The thoughts come and go, and by not identifying ourselves with them, we can choose whether or not they have an influence on our being,” beautifully expresses Tabay.

Then Tabay shares about the extension of his inner work and his passion for sharing it with the world in different mindful expressions; the awareness of the food we put in our body and his own inner intuition about foods that are beneficial for him to experience life at its fullest. He says, “Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen is mindful for a handful of reasons. One reason is vegan food. By eating a plant-based diet, you are having a mindful diet because you are mindful of the health benefits of eating plants. Also the positive environmental impact that plant-based eating has for your health and for the animals. There are a lot of things that are misaligned and not connected. But then everything becomes clearer, you start to understand the bigger picture and how everything is connected. And Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen is doing that by making vegan food accessible and tasty. The whole concept behind the food truck was to bring people’s favorite foods that they love and enjoy but turn it vegan. Whether you’re vegan or not, you can have the foods you love. In Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen, I always say that this is not just vegan food, it’s just regular food that happens to be vegan. Also, there’s whole-food plant-based options, which is the next step after veganism, where it’s even more health-conscious eating, no processed foods, no oils, no sugars and having really clean foods that you’re putting into your body. Another thing that makes Tabay’s Mindful Kitchen mindful is the packaging: all of the containers and all of the plasticware is eco-friendly, compostable, bio-fading, and we really made sure to be mindful when putting this whole idea together and putting it into the world. And part of being mindful is knowing that you don’t know everything. So I’m still learning, and I am absorbing all the feedback and suggestions and ideas that I hear.”

No one can intervene to change anyone else’s energy vibrational set point on their behalf – it has to come from within yourself. Healing occurs as a model, as an example on which we can build our own selves. When someone else is holding their own unwavering presence of steady well-being, they can open an invitation for others to begin to do the same. If you want healing, then you must open up to the expectation of being healed. All healers are a permission slip for us to give our attention and tune in to our innate state of well-being. From there, we can begin the journey to our own healing and beautiful change.

On healing through the practice of Reiki, Tabay says, “You can’t heal someone. You can’t fill up a cup if there’s a lid on it that’s not wanting to open. But it’s a very simple method I use to see if the person receiving the energy is open to receiving it. I just ask, ‘Are you open to receiving this energy that I’m giving you through Reiki?’ There’s three levels to Reiki; level one, level two, and level three, which is master. Being Reiki level three, I’m able to give Reiki non-locally, so I can send the energy to you through the computer, I can do it on Zoom. Even without a computer, I can do it to someone who I want to send healing to. But when I’m not actually with that person physically, where I can ask them, I have to use meditation and go deep to be connected to the universe. And then through my high-self and that person’s highest-self, I ask, ‘Are you open to healing?’ I either get a definite yes or definite no. Or if I get a maybe, I set an intention to say, ‘I’m going to heal you.’ But if someone is not open to the healing, or they do not want to be healed, I send this energy to the environment or to the wildfires or to the animals. I can send it to mother nature if this person is not open to receiving it.”

Everything is experienced in the now and created from the now. When we are physically focused on giving our attention outwards, we are presently involved in the action we are exercising at that moment. When we are using any tool to go within through the process of meditation, we are being present in our inner experience. Whether we think about the past or the future—whether we allow our thoughts and physical faculties to soften up so we can experience our Divine perspective speaking to us through the language of intuition—it will always lead us in the direction of fuller love.

“The more you practice meditation, the stronger your intuition gets. If you’re like, I feel this, but I’m not too sure if that’s correct, then you’re not going to really grow. You have to trust your intuition. In most cases, it’s going to lead you to the right path. It may not be right away, and you might say, ‘Oh, well, that didn’t work out.’ But everything always works out in the end.”

There is nothing more satisfying than recognizing our divine brilliance and then applying that brilliance into everything we choose to give our attention to. This state of being inevitably comes with a sense of appreciation for who we are and who we are becoming.

In recognizing his own divine brilliance, Tabay says, “I am grateful for the passion and drive that I have to wellness. And that’s wellness for myself, but mostly wellness for the world. And using these gifts and traits that I’ve learned over the years, to help people stay healthier, and stay more mindful. And it’s really helping to create a planet that is healthier and happier for everyone at all times, leaving the world better than how I left it. And what I love seeing in other people is when they get inspired to do the same, and it’s not always the same way, or same idea of what they want to do to make the world better. But when people are inspired to make a positive change in the world, it makes me happy because I just love seeing people do their part in making the world a better place.”

Like Tabay, are you embracing your divinity and humanity equally, leading by example to create the change you want to experience in the world?

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