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Serena DC: A Crazy Dreamer

Serena DC: A Crazy Dreamer

The word ‘dream’ originates from Middle English, which means ‘joy, music.’ We all enjoy basking in the vibrational melodies of our dreams; each dream we have wants to be expressed through our unique physical lenses. Everything ever manifested from the Divine to the density of our physicality started with an idea. Those who are unwavering about the becoming of their dreams give birth to physicality and experience what it is to be: a conscious creator, creating, the creation—themselves.

Artist Serena DC is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and actress who created the feature film My Transparent Life and, most recently, The Marfa Lights, which premieres in March 2023. Serena says, “I am a crazy dreamer. I am one of those people born with; some might call it an asset; others might call it a defect. But when I have an idea, I have this wild belief that I can achieve it. I tend to follow my dreams and do many crazy things.”

What we call to be ‘home’ is always within ourselves. Since we take ourselves everywhere we go, the infiniteness of our desires, born through the variety we observe, gives us a clear preference for which environment to be in now to ignite our inner light and shine it outwardly. That clarity wouldn’t be possible without the contrast of the place we want to move from. Recognizing the value of our experience in what has served us to make our current preference will propel an enjoyable transition from one place to another.

“I was traveling between Australia and America for six years, but I’ve been living in LA now for one year. And it was interesting. It was as though this town drew me in; the more time I would spend here when I went home, the more it didn’t feel like home anymore. Home is where your passion and your fire is. I’ve always found LA to be a real magnet for me. I love being around creative people with dreams and ideas and looking to the stars. It was a natural progression to move over here,” shares Serena, who is originally from Australia.

Those considered a minority or too different have the opportunity, with their God-like expression through their physical avatar, to create and mold new perspectives of current societal “standards.” It is not a responsibility or purpose but empowerment for oneself to have the reins of one’s creation in one’s hands. As a side effect, when we are unwaveringly being who we are—the Divine presence uniquely expressed in physical form—we naturally invite others to be and do the same. Our Divine perspective comes from boundless freedom to experience its limitlessness in the ever-moldable bounds of physicality.

About My Transparent Life, Serena’s film that was nominated for the Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary, she explains, “The reason we made My Transparent Life is that when I became friends with people in the trans community, it became really clear to me that they struggle and are persecuted by the public every single day for trying to be who they are. I think it’s so important for these people, and I guess people who aren’t transgender, to understand how lucky we are to have the ability to self-actualize without persecution—freedom. It isn’t a free country if you don’t fit into a certain box, look, and act a certain way. Making My Transparent Life made me realize I need to be 1,000,000% myself, and I’m lucky to be allowed to do that. Remember when you were a kid growing up and realized you were different? Remember that feeling like you had to fit in and that truth about who you are and how you felt? Particularly yourself, being part of the LGBTQIA+ community can relate to living the first half of your life as someone else, pleasing other people, and knowing that it doesn’t work. You’ll always feel anxious, uncomfortable, and unfulfilled unless you’re truly authentic. It’s crazy how we put all these rules and boundaries on ourselves that prevent us from being who we are. Because it’s when we act like who we are, we feel comfortable in our own skin.”

Photography // Megan Sistachs | Makeup // Ray Gonzales  | Hair // Jacob Vega

Others only can show us what we can see in them. Suppose we desire to include large groups of people in our experience. In that case, we include them as a variety of mirrors, whether positive or negative reflections, all equally valuable in our expansion. The reflections we experience from others are the feedback that comes with information about our inner state of being. What we do with it is up to us, but it’s always an opportunity to look within, know more of who we are, and make an inner shift when we desire. Since everything and everyone we observe outside of us is an invitation to our experience, a mirror reflection, a different angle of who we are within, it’s safe to say that without these reflections, we would cease to exist.

“When you’re in the public eye, there’s always going to be 50% of the world that hates you. And that’s okay. You consider the world that loves you because some people get so fixated on their haters. To people who worry about being hated, I always say, ‘Do you like everybody? Do you like everyone you’ve ever met? Or there’s some people that you don’t like?’ Of course, it’s not about wanting everyone to like or accept you. It’s drowning out that there are other people, and like yours, their opinions matter,” expresses Serena.

The five senses, smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste, are our vibrational translations into physicality that come to life through our unique vantage point of perception. Regardless of our beliefs, we sometimes can sense there is more to us than our physical perspective. Our physical vessel is perfectly designed to function without us consciously running our bloodstreams, digesting food, pumping our hearts, etc., and our cells are self-regenerating. We never have to think about these functions; they are on autopilot. Then, our mind is designed to ensure we are fed, safe, and sound. When overstimulated, our intellect can take over and keep us in survival mode. In that state, we cannot experience our Divine presence. However, our brilliant mind, or what many call ego, is not an enemy; it’s our ally. When we bring our presence to be on, we become aware that we are not our body and mind, but our body and mind are ours. From that wider perspective, everything is a play in creation, allowing the energies that create worlds to emerge and express. And what once was an idea, a fantasy, a dream—manifests. But the realness of it starts already with a thought, which is the lightest physical manifestation.

Closing our eyes and consciously breathing through our nose in and out allows us to detach for a moment from any external stimulation, taking us on an internal journey. Being meditative starts the experience beyond our physical realm. We are born with natural psychic abilities, and we all experience them in different degrees depending on where we are within the blendedness of our physical and non-physical beingness. Even telepathy can be recognized when we think of someone and get a call or text from them, know what the other person in front of us is about to say, or sense an undeniable connection with someone being thousands of miles away. Ultimately, only our curiosity can lead us to discover more of who we are.

Serena’s wonder and insatiable zest for life inspired her to investigate, explore, and discover the secrets beyond the Marfa lights. Serena says about her experience making the film, “The Marfa Lights is really interesting. I’ve always believed in life on other planets and UFOs, ETs, and stuff like that because I’ve had some personal experiences. Most people always look up to the stars, hoping and praying that they will see a UFO. But even though millions of UFOs are seen every year, it’s a pretty rare occurrence for somebody to see one. There is this place, Marfa, Texas, and it is only a few hours from LA. If you go there, these anomalous, massive orbs of light appear in the sky every night. When you see them, they’re UFOs. They’re unidentified flying objects; they come up, down, and move around, and nobody knows what they are, appearing over this open field. Walking through the field and looking around, there was no source for these lights. Scientists in Marfa have studied these lights for years since the 1800s. Still, nobody knows what they are. That’s fascinating because it means that if you want to, you can go to Marfa, Texas, and see a UFO. Marfa is one of the most unique places in the world for that. So, my curiosity led me to take a team of investigators with me, and we went down there because we wanted to try and figure out what these lights were. I invited Adam Curry, a consciousness expert and a master of telepathy; we wanted to see if these lights were sentient, meaning they were a being rather than a craft. I took down a ghost hunter and somebody who is a ufologist. And we did a lot of different crazy experiments and studies to try and capture these lights and figure out what they are. If you talked about telepathy 20 years ago, it was like a mind trick that David Copperfield, the magician, was going to do. But now, more and more, as humanity wakes up to the fact that we’re a body and consciousness that we can affect and control, telepathy is becoming a lot more mainstream in the movies. When we were looking at these Marfa lights, Adam, the master of telepathy, and I decided that we would tune in, meditate, and focus on whether or not there were any beings around. And both of us had this strange shared telepathic experience where we saw the same thing, the same beings; we heard them having a conversation and the same words. The mind is powerful; it’s about acknowledging and tapping into it. There’s so much more out there than life outside of you.”

Our desires are always summoning life into being. Without desires, there is no life to express. Following our highest excitement is often considered selfish. But we are creating from the perspective of self, not from the perspective of others. Even when we let ourselves be influenced by others, it’s still our choice to do so or not. Therefore, everything evolves around each and every one of us and emanates from us. How can we be selfless without caring for our own state of being? What can we offer or inspire others if we are not considering first what we want? Since everything is energy, and energy is unlimited, we all can live and create with the awareness that by experiencing a happy and fulfilling life, we are not leaving anybody behind but the opposite. Therefore, there is no shortage but only abundance: the abundance of lack or prosperity is our choice. Therefore, our path is our choice, too! Are we looking at the direction of our desire, or are we giving it our back? The answer to this question will clearly answer the difference in your life experience dancing through different dimensions of being.

Serena says, “I try to teach my children that happiness is not a state that we can reach and be in 24 hours a day, seven days a week on this plane. We’re living in this 3D and 4D. Forever happiness is at the 5D level. But it’s about what has brought me happiness: figuring out my path. It’s about knowing who you are and living your true self. When you figure out why you chose to be on this planet, everything flows, all the ideas you have come to fruition, and all the paths you walk are right. You can feel true happiness in that flow state and on the path. Because of the goals you start to achieve, you can feel that you are doing the right thing. It’s so important for people to spend time trying to find their true path in life and never feel as though the job they’re in right now is where they need to stay if they don’t want to. It’s important to go within and ask yourself, ‘What do I want? What do you want, Serena? More than anything, if there were no constraints, no boundaries, and no one telling you what to do, what would you want?’ And whatever drops into your mind, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. If you start doing that, I guarantee you will feel true happiness, contentment, and fulfillment.”

Without others, we wouldn’t be able to create. However, when we are in a state of needing someone else to accomplish what we want, then we infuse with neediness all our relationships, and these become conditional. But when we are creating from our hearts, we honor our desires and who we are, and the people and opportunities are drawn to us as a magnet. The unconditionality lies in how we feel during the process of becoming, not knowing the details of how it will unfold, and letting ourselves be surprised. Because experiencing a desire is just a transition point from one wanting to another, we can manifest as many desires as we choose to. What is between the manifestations of our desires is what makes most of the time of our creation process. And how satisfying is following the inspired actions, knowing we have our hands in the clay, consciously molding our dreams into existence.

“When you work in the arts, film, television, music, or anything like that, even if your parents love you and support you, there’s always the feeling that they don’t think you’ll make it out there. There’s always that sense that only a few rise to the top, and then everyone else turns out to be a starving artist. Parents try to influence their kids to go for regular, safe jobs because they love them and never want to see them struggling financially. But, for me, my whole brand is saying that I’m a 40-year-old single mom living in Beverly Hills, California, and making movies. I was just nominated for an Emmy, and no one helped me. I did all of that myself. I’m living proof that if you have a dream and you’re crazy enough to believe in it, it can come true. And it’s so true. My biggest advice to the younger generation with ideas they want to pursue is to meditate on them. And if it seems this is what you’re supposed to do, stop listening to people. Stop asking anyone who isn’t in your field for advice. Stop telling people all of your dreams and goals if you know they’re going to shoot them down. Have that laser-like focus, and keep reminding yourself that this is your life. This is the path you chose to be in. No one’s going to help you. You’re on your own. It’s terrifying but also beautiful; once you take control of the wheel, stop expecting other people around you to help you. That’s when the magic starts to happen. Again, I’m living proof that you can achieve anything you want. Believe in yourself and work fucking hard,” passionately says Serena.

We are always experiencing self-love because we are the ones flowing it through us. The love we feel for others is our own love directed towards them. We might not always be aware of the love we are, but we cannot, not love ourselves. Because we are not humans plugged in or connected to something divine above us. We are the Divine embodying a human experience. And since we are the Divine, from that perspective, there only can be love, worthiness, freedom, joy, abundance, infiniteness… We can bring the presence of the Divine every time we want to because that’s who we are.

That unconditional self-love can be easily identified in a baby. Have you ever seen toddlers looking in the mirror, worrying or beating up on themselves for their appearance or what others might think of them? No! As soon as babies recognize themselves in the mirror, they smile and bask in the love they see. Essentially, that baby is still within ourselves, with a little more accepted conditioning.

About self-love, Serena says, “When you look in the mirror and love what’s looking back at you, you feel confident to take on the day. I always call it my war paint. This is my armor for the day; this is what I will wear, and whatever comes out of me, this is all I have to deal with. When they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they normally mean that if anyone likes you, it’s the way they find it appealing to see you. But I don’t see it like that. I see beauty, the eye of the beholder, as being yourself. You need to be able to look at yourself and be comfortable with how you look. And that all comes from self-love and self-actualization. I am at this point now where when my hair is messy, my makeup is terrible, and I am wearing the worst outfit in the world, but I still look at myself in the mirror, and I look like shit, but I am like, ‘There’s my girl, I love her so much!’ It all starts from within; when you love yourself unconditionally, it doesn’t matter what you look like aesthetically; then you know that beauty is about how well you treat people, not how you physically present yourself to the world.”

Emotions are our most astonishing guiding system. Every emotion we feel indicates the direction we are giving our attention. First, it starts with a whisper in the form of a thought, then that thought, when repeatedly active in our minds, becomes a belief. Then, we attach an emotion to that thought/belief. If we are still not paying attention to how we feel, it amplifies until the signal eventually becomes physical pain. What feels bad is our focus on the opposite of love. However, once we are in a negative state, it’s important to honor it and let it be expressed so it can be released. Trying to eliminate negative emotions is like trying to eliminate a part of us at that moment. We simply can’t! Negative or positive are equally valuable in our experience. We can’t eliminate our emotions, but we can accept them and fall in love with them. By doing so, we naturally move into a neutral state from which we can move in the direction of our preference. And without any negative emotions, we wouldn’t be able to experience the process of falling in love again and again. It does not mean that we have to hold on to anything negative but naturally navigate through life knowing that there will be things we observe that we don’t like, which in turn clarifies what we do like. Then, it becomes a play where shifts are happening in real time. And all it takes is awareness and making a decision about how we want to feel.

Photography // Megan Sistachs | Makeup // Ray Gonzales  | Hair // Jacob Vega

“I can read all the self-help books in the world and get all the advice I want. But emotions are emotions. It’s hard to snap yourself out of it when feeling something heavy and hardcore. I always tell people that if you feel a negative emotion, give yourself a day. It’s okay to be depressed for a day. It’s okay to doubt yourself for a day. It’s okay to hate the world and your situation for a day. But only give yourself a day. Whoever designed human beings gave us such a huge gift. Because every single night when we fall asleep, we get, I call it, the great reset. Once you’ve gone to dreamland for eight hours, you wake up on a new day. And no matter what, the first thing in your head is that today will not be like yesterday; today will be better. I say lean into your feelings of self-doubt and depression. From time to time, it’s okay to cry and to grieve and to feel down and depressed. Remember that a rainbow comes after a hurricane as long as you rise from the ashes the next day. That’s a big emotional expression when you get to a point where you’re crying. We’re trying not to cry all day and hold it in. When we finally let it out, we need to listen. As those tears fall from your face, that’s the time to self-analyze. The second that those tears finished boiling, now it’s time for action. Now, it’s time to erase or fix whatever caused those tears. Because that’s a catalyst for change.”

Listening to ourselves is listening to who we are. But how do we know when it’s the mind speaking to us from fear, or it’s our intuition coming through the Divine? Intuition always feels loving and good. Serena wrote a book, The Turnaround, a business strategy guide. Her intention behind the book is: “To drown out the noise around you and listen to your gut when you are making major decisions for your business or within your life. Take some time to sit alone and ask yourself what the best move for you and your business is. Listen to what the voice in your head tells you. Follow that. Trust that. Bank on yourself!”

Serena is a businesswoman and also a mom raising two beautiful human beings. She candidly says about her children, “Friendships come and go. The work comes and goes. That happiness comes and goes, but your children are always constant. They will always be there for you, and you will always be there for them, and there is such beauty and value in that. So give them all the love you have and as much energy and attention as you can possibly spare because, in the end, how you lived with them and how you loved them will be the only thing that really ever mattered to you. You’ll forget old friends and jobs but never the love and moments you share with your children.”

Contemplating our dreams could be satisfying but never as enjoyable as seeing them take physical shape. We can dream of a lot. But we do not have to see our dreams as big or small. The process of creating is the same whether we want a glass of water or a million dollars. However, to all of us, there are desires that we prioritize more than others. A good exercise would be to make a list of ten desires we are currently looking for. Imagine, feel, and tune into their existence one by one in the order of preference. And then stay still for a moment to ask, “What’s the next step for me to accomplish what I want?” Then, follow the receiving, even if it doesn’t make sense initially. Enjoy the process, as success is ultimately measured in how we feel during our creation rather than the number of things we manifest. Once the ten desires are in the becoming into our experience, we can make a new list, and a new, and a new, and a new, and a new, and a new, and continue like that for as long as we want to.

“I feel like I am living my dream right now. And my life is very, very outrageous. When you choose to say ‘YES!’ to opportunities and follow your dreams every day, it is outrageous and exciting! This week, I am hopping on a plane to fly to Peru to look at alien mummies found in a cave in the middle of a desert in Nazca. Crazy, right? But that’s what life’s like when you follow your dreams. I love that I follow my dreams. If Serena has an idea, I’ll bet on her because I know she will follow through. I know she will do that, and that’s a quality I love in other people as well. I love it when people believe in themselves. And they tune out everybody else and rush toward making that come true. There’s such power in that. We wouldn’t have mobile phones if people didn’t believe in their dreams. We wouldn’t have cars; we wouldn’t have airplanes. We wouldn’t live in beautiful houses; we’d still be scratching around in the dirt. And so, dreams are powerful, evolving our planet and humanity. I’m on a team of people who follow their dreams,” concludes Serena.

Like Serena, are you dreaming yourself into existence or just contemplating life?


Cover Photo: Photography // Megan Sistachs | Makeup // Ray Gonzales  | Hair // Jacob Vega

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