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Peter and Roxanne Heibloem: Radical Awakening

Peter and Roxanne Heibloem: Radical Awakening

Our souls have won the jackpot for having a physical body. There is no separation between our God’s and physical Self perspectives; every living organism, including the planet itself, is always connected to Everything That Exists. Our soul always chooses to experience a physical realm and be part of the specific place of birth, family, and characteristics that allow Source—us—to experience new infinite ways of expression. However, humans are not always aware that they are Source embodying a physical avatar. As we appear as the denser frequencies that allow physical to be perceived as solid, we knew, from our narrowly focused perspective, we will forget some aspects of who we are so we can go on a treasure hunt of fuller discovery, fuller love, fuller bliss, fuller ecstasy, fuller us, fueling creating through our asking, with curiosity and wonder, into infinite expansion of All That Is. Since we are the life force giving life to the physical avatar through which God can express itself, any physical characteristics serve only as a blueprint. We are Creators, Creating the Creation—ourselves. We have the free will to choose, which gives us the power to shape our reality and experiences. Nothing in this physical reality is static. Source is movement, and what we perceive as physical is our projection from within. Since we can shift anything within ourselves, we can change and mold the projection we experience without. This is the essence of awakening, the recognition of our divine nature and its limitless power. We All Are One giving physical form and experiencing life through uniquely unrepeatable lenses.

Consciousness coaches and healers Peter and Roxanne Heibloem are Australian life partners who, through their joint frequency, hold the space with an intention to raise the vibration on the planet Earth and lead by their own example, guiding others through the healing process to know more of who they are.

Roxanne says about the essence of who she is, “I’m a mother of two boys and a wife to beautiful Peter, who’s held my hand through the awakening journey. Without Peter’s steady masculine energy, I wouldn’t have been able to foster my soft, delicate feminine energy. Although my soul is very feminine and sweet on the inside, it also has a very strong, powerful, masculine energetic element. I dance between the feminine and the masculine energies, learning to harmonize those out without one being more dominant than the other because we need both for balance. I’m also discovering more about my past lifetimes, integrating, and feeling excited to learn more as the journey continues.”

Awakening is not a destination to be reached but a journey of internal recognition of our inherent Divinity. The state of awakening is always within us; we are born with this awareness, and then we temporarily forget so we can explore different aspects of ourselves through the influence of our environment. When we attribute our challenges to our upbringing or others, we divert our attention from our innate awakened state. However, we can choose to remember, reclaim our awakened state, and shape our spiritual journey consciously. Source does not differentiate between aware or unaware beings; there is no right or wrong spiritual path and no agenda because God’s presence is unconditional. Therefore, the perception of redemption lies within us projected outwardly, in our choice to experience Heaven on Earth or the opposite, because when we reemerge to the non-physical, we are purely the Divine Heaven. Then we rush again to bring back that Heaven we are and experience being it on Earth.

Peter speaks about the realization of his multidimensionality and his current purpose, “I am reviewing the purpose of everything. I realized that in the beginning, I came in open and completely vulnerable into this world. And immediately, I got these different things appearing in my life, which I experienced falsely as pain and childhood suffering. I realized now I could have been neutral and taken either way, but my soul chose to experience some pain and hardship; that delicate, vulnerable little boy was, for many years, broken and lost. I’m coming back to find myself. I sometimes get chills when I get a glimpse how powerful I might be underneath it all. I’ve felt helpless, overlooked, and unimportant as if I had no real say. Now, I speak my power and own my truth, and people listen. I attracted all of that discomfort to show me the power of the opposites. I’m quite excited to explore all that comes with that,” Peter pauses, and then continues, “The power of the soul can influence the dance between our levels of consciousness. We can see that things are happening for us, not to us. We also can look for patterns in our lives and unpack how they might be trying to show us some unhealed aspect. We can change our perspective and be the observer, get out of our head, and live more from the heart. Recently, people began to become more aware of how they can influence the mental aspect of their being through mindfulness or meditation. There is a beautiful understanding of realizing that we have choices in our mental and emotional states. But still, a lot of people need to look at the emotional and spiritual aspects of their being. Raising the vibration physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is the shift we’re hearing about moving from 3D to 5D; it’s moving us from being densely solid to vibrating higher and incorporating more light into our field daily.”

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We are multidimensional beings, and there is no dimension to chase but to be. The rise of the frequency is a natural expansion not only for all humanity but for the entire Cosmos. Children are born vibrationally “upgraded” thanks to the expansion propelled by previous generations. Dimensions are vibrational states that pulsate, move, and become fuller, so it’s not a place or a university degree that once we have it, it’s done, as that would defy the infinite movement into fuller expansion. The uniqueness of our vintage point and individuality makes the world’s variety, which, in contrast, clarifies our preferences. With each new asking, the entire Universe reconfigures, adding new angles through which, in turn, it can experience itself. Our human perspective often glorifies the Divine and higher dimensions while also forgetting that every human being is already Divine, with no exception, and the most mundane physical experience is also mystical. We don’t have to search for Divine, but to recognize that we already are. Then, we can apply to experience our Divinity to everything and everyone we choose to give our attention to. Nevertheless, the awareness of multidimensional existence sparks curiosity, inviting us to explore the depths of our being.

“Many of us, lightworkers, star seeds, and awakened souls, are chasing that higher frequency, which is important. Embodying the higher dimensions while being on the earth plane in 3D and making the most of my soul’s multi-dimensionality is beautiful. But also, not to rush, as the experience on Earth is very important to enjoy and be present with what we have, like my family. The great awakening is getting momentum. Now, it’s speeding up as more souls start to light up and awaken through these changing times on the planet. It’s lovely to see, but it also means we’re gaining momentum and speed and higher frequency and dancing higher and higher as a collective,” Roxanne shares her perspective on the current state of planetary awakening.

“We were insurance brokers five years ago. We sold our business, and we had an awakening. Now, we’re doing this, but it’s going super-fast. We’re destined to do the work we are doing now and came here for that. Doing insurance was a steppingstone to get us where we are now,” passionately says Peter.

Since the physical plane exists due to polarity, as the frequencies rise higher, in opposite, the frequencies equally vibrate lower. But higher or lower frequencies are not good or bad; they are equally valuable and necessary for the balance of all. When we vibrate at a lower, slower frequency, we know it by how we feel, which physically manifests in negative emotion. Negative emotion has our back as it indicates that we have deviated through our focus from the direction of our preferences; it’s like it is telling us to go back to where we prefer to be. By being aware of it, we can gradually and faster redirect our attention toward the state of being we like to be. In lower frequencies, our asking is stronger, and in higher frequencies, what we asked for is received, which is necessary for us to experience creation. However, for all of us, higher or lower means are experienced uniquely, and we always choose through our intention and focus which frequency we are tuning into. As two individuals can look in the same direction, the experience might be similar or opposite but never the same. This understanding fosters a sense of harmony and acceptance, as we realize the value and necessity of all vibrational frequencies. And full acceptance, is the start of our conscious healing.

About his healing journey, Peter candidly shares, “Healing is releasing trapped energy stored, and let’s call it the body-spirit complex. Because it could be an emotional or a mental distortion stored within the physical vessel, manifesting itself as shoulder pain, neck pain, migraine headaches, etc. When we talk about multi-dimensional, trapped energy, from my perspective, much of it came from childhood. But I also had emotions and false beliefs that were a mix of things that happened directly through my personal experience, and then a lot of mental and false beliefs that I’ve recently uncovered because they were more subtle. Like the false beliefs that run in your family lineage, which are easier to talk about because it’s less of an emotional attachment, but they influence your life’s attitude. For example, that money is the root of all evil. My grandfather was in a German POW camp; he had lost everything, and that pain was in the family, so he grew up very, very poor. The family line influenced my relationship with money. If I paid $2 for something and around the corner, it’s $1.75, I’m upset, ‘Oh, my goodness, I paid too much.’ It was false beliefs. Other examples of these are families that don’t show or don’t give affection to one another. It could even be about being picked by friends or relatives for being too happy or too successful. That’s all sorts of false beliefs.

“I wasn’t self-aware like I am now. I’m the first boy of four girls in my family. My parents didn’t plan for me. When I came into the world, I picked up on my mother’s emotions of not particularly being wanted. My parents are beautiful people, but I was always considered a surprise. I was learning to put a wall around my heart to protect it from those projections. At five, I took my little sister for a walk after heavy rain, and she fell off the bridge into the stream and she drowned. I had to pull myself together, walk home, and tell my mother that my little sister was gone. And, of course, my parents were completely heartbroken. I broke the rule; I knew we weren’t supposed to go to the bridge. I put another wall around my heart, and I lost myself.

“Throughout my schooling, I compensate by trying to please people, teachers, and my parents by being the good son, performing well at school, and making my room neat. I heard, ‘Oh, he’s such a good boy’ wherever I went. But that was an overcompensation because I thought I wrecked my life. And deep down, I was hard and ashamed of myself. I never had a girlfriend at school. I never got any attraction because I had female issues, guilt about my sister, guilt about my mom. I loved having a male teacher because I would be more comfortable. If I had a woman teacher, I was always worried about her not liking me. But I wasn’t aware; I didn’t realize what my body was trying to tell me. So, I’d break my toe, left foot, arm, squishing fingers, and all of those things along the left side, which I now know is the feminine aspect of the physical body. Then I get this girl pregnant. I know she’s not the one, but we got married. And then I have three daughters. The universe is putting me to work on my female stuff. I’m mindlessly going through life, feeling trapped in a marriage that didn’t feel right and trying to please the daughters, parents, and everyone else.

“The healing was when the light came on, and I released the energy of when I was five, shrinking within myself and placing all this guilt or all this shame on myself. When I forgave myself at five, I popped that energy bubble around my heart, but then it never ended because then you remember getting bullied on the school bus. Then you remember the teacher who said, you’re not smart enough. And you are releasing, releasing, releasing, but that’s what healing for me looked like because I began to take the heat out of the stories. Now, I have reached this point where I can share that with people and inspire them to look within themselves and talk about their things so that they can release that. In their current moment, it might help them with their hypertension and insomnia. It might help them to realize that they, too, could free themselves from guilt or shame or regret of false choices that they’ve made and connect with their inner beauty and their spark.”

When Jesus saw someone in sickness, he held the presence of their full potential, the version of them who already existed and was completely healed. Jesus’s unwavering well-being perspective was an invitation for others to heal themselves. There are many tools and applicable processes through which we can heal, shift, and transmute, and since we live in a quantum Universe, we can tune into the version of us we prefer to experience. The only shame, guilt, and judgment is the one we put on ourselves. When we forgive, we forgive ourselves not for what we have done but for looking in the opposite direction of who we are—love. And peeling the layers of the subconscious to bring awareness to the conscious so that we can do something about it; it’s an opportunity to experience the process of falling in love with the whole of who we are, again, again, and again…

Aside from their coaching practice, Awakening Education, Peter and Roxanne are also filmmakers. Their most recent production, Ayahuasca–Source for the Soul, premiered in February 2024 on UNIFYD TV. The film chronicles an ancient plant medicine healing modality used to help break through false and limiting beliefs and share education and healings of the sacred plant medicine Mother Ayahuasca. Regarding their intention behind creating the movie and the inspiration behind its name, Roxanne says, “We were chill trying to feel into the medicine and what would be an excellent label for the movie to help people see it. When we’re going into the ceremony and working with our beautiful Pachamama, because the medicine comes across as a beautiful Divine Feminine mother or grandmother, helping us see our imperfections, how we’ve been maybe acting in our ego way, or how we talk about ourselves, or how we judge other people, and it’s reflected to us. In this process, we can also merge our souls. When we come into this life, this third-density experience, we have these events that happen in our life, some more traumatic than others. And in Peter’s case, in my case, we’ve had a split soul. Something very overwhelming to the person happens emotionally. This fracture happens to our energetic soul, which we call a Soul Split. The medicine helps us see where we split from our souls and merge our souls. Through this journey, we see ourselves in our inner child. Sometimes, it’s like a movie being played back to us in the ceremony, and we know what happened to us; we get the firsthand experience. While that’s happening, the medicine is moving through us to feel the pain of what happened for the healing, the release. We wanted to incorporate the soul aspect because that’s an essential part of the healing when you’re doing the sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca, which is one of the main intentions that we believe can heal people. When we set the intention before the ceremony, merging back with my soul, at all costs, we are asking to heal me, beautiful universe, heal me, Sacred plants, heal me, show me, teach me, guide me so that I can be the best version of my soul from the original kind of energetic form. And then, of course, we’re drinking the brew to take the medicine, and so we see as source sees, but we wanted to put a ring on the words and include source because we believe we are all source, we are sparks of the Divine. We are all Source. We are all Oneness, all having a beautiful, wonderful experience.”

Plant medicine and other natural external stimulators have the power to transcend the physical, revealing the realms beyond. If we choose to embark on this journey, our intention before the ritual becomes our guiding light. While we acknowledge that all the answers reside within us, there are times when external guidance, be it through plant medicine, a coach, a channeler, or a friend, is necessary to break free from the narratives we cling to. From the Divine, wider perspective of Oneness, God’s perspective is that there is no difference between someone providing answers to our questions or receiving them through our own physical mechanism, as it’s all of us from a different angle. However, our wider perspective is always guiding us, and there’s nothing more empowering than asking, tuning in to Source, and relaxing to receive the answers.

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Peter says about his discovery of plant medicine and the benefits of it, “People are searching for answers to the awareness that there must be more to life. The standard of living is very high on the planet for many countries. Our access to information is now at levels where, basically, you can access any information you want with your phone. And many people realize that it’s also not necessarily how much money you’ve got that makes you happy or fulfilled. I mean, if people have got plenty of money, they should be ridiculously happy. And they’re not necessarily any happier than anyone else. The old belief is that you have to hustle and work hard because then you’ll have the right title on the door or a bigger house or car, and then you’ll be happy and fulfilled. But people know that’s not the answer. So when they’re searching for something to learn more about themselves, or equally, or probably slightly, even more, when something is going on within themselves that they’re not happy with, they’ve got addictions, or they’ve got some sort of psychological condition, or depression, or compulsive disorder, than people search for things that they know, might help them to find the underlying cause, rather than treat the symptoms. The pharmaceuticals treating the symptoms are getting rid of the surface layer issue, but it will come back, and of course, they’re not particularly good for the body. This ability to reflect on the ancient medicines, in a way, is the spirit guiding Roxanne and me to come out and talk about this. We don’t fit the typical stereotype of someone who would do Ayahuasca. Before doing Ayahuasca, I had never really done any psychedelic and I had smoked a bit of weed as a kid, but I didn’t like it. Because I was shy and insecure, it made me paranoid.

“Then, I found out about Ayahuasca through my brother. He did Ayahuasca and he’s completely changing his life and making these big decisions and seems so happy. I respected and trusted him because of the angle he was coming from happiness and finding himself. So, we tried Ayahuasca, and it’s only later that we found out a lot of people go, ‘Oh, wow, you did Ayahuasca. And then you did four nights in a row. Oh, my God, it’s like you did the hardest one first.’ Even though I’m enlightened, now I’ve found out about mushrooms. And I’ve found out about DMT and other psychedelics that are around. I loved mushrooms when I tried them. I probably wouldn’t have done that before Ayahuasca because of the fear of needing to be in control. But it’s an illusion that you’re in control. Now, I smile at it.

“Part of the reason why we did that film is to demystify and to give people some answers that can be real and tangible. But it also contributes to elevating the planet’s collective consciousness. Roxanne and I are doing the Ayahuasca film or coaching with people to help individuals on a bigger picture scale, helping to lift the planet’s consciousness. Because a positively polarized being, a happy, connected, authentic soul living here on the earth, counterbalances 1000s of lost, sad, miserable, and struggling people through their lives. The rising tide lifts all the boats. I get chills when I say it. Ayahuasca can play a part in people searching for something when they’ve tried a lot of other things. And then, of course, as Roxanne always says, she loves it because it’s quick and sweet. You can do ten years of therapy, or you can go along and do your four nights of Ayahuasca and work out your issues.”

When we discover the power within ourselves and start to experience a reality of fuller awareness and happiness, we naturally want to share it with the world. Then, we begin the balance between trying to be the world’s savior, spiritually politely insisting on wanting people to change their awareness so they can also benefit as we do. And then integrating the knowing that the most value we can offer to anyone, the most we can be of service to the world is by tending to our alignment with Source. We don’t change the world; we change ourselves so we can invite and inspire others to recognize their awakening, too, if they choose to. We shine our inner light brightly, and our own spark invites others to shine their light, too, if they choose to. Being responsible for the world’s or anyone’s alignment can become a massive burden. But we have the freedom to choose whether to be aligned with what resonates to us or the opposite. In any case, one being aligned with God and leading by their own example, sparks the curiosity in the other about how they are being. Because who doesn’t want to be in the happy, joyful, blissful, fun, empowering party? But whether they decide to consciously be or not, everyone, with no exemption have equal value to the expansion of all. Everyone is an integral part of Everything That Exists, there are no mistakes or errors when it comes to Source’s creation, all of us perfect, worthy, unique, and Gods. If we wouldn’t exist, the All That Is wouldn’t be whole.

“There are a lot of different ways people can do meditation. In the beginning, many people do some activity during their meditation. Active meditation is a great way to start for people with an overactive mind; basically, everyone who falls into this tendency to overthink and second guess. The grey matter brain perspective is called the Beta level of electrical activity, the frequency of day-to-day action. As we slow our brain rhythms down and go within, we move into the brain’s Theta and Delta levels. The beautiful frequencies that we’re moving towards Alpha and Theta. Delta is when we go into deep sleep. When we are in the Alpha and Theta levels, the two hemispheres of the brain come into balance, and all the desynchronized neurons in the brain, firing off all over the place, start to fire together.

“What meditation does, from a scientific point of view, is help the brain move into focus and quiet. Now, some people leave it there. They sit in that stillness, and they enjoy it. They might flick out some frustrations and worries of the day, send love to their mother, or forgive the neighbor or whatever it might be. But some of us can take meditation to the next level, using it as a permission slip to move our brain into what they’ve now found is the Gamma state, the highest range of electrical activity. The Gamma is the connection to your higher mind, our higher self, our spirit guides, whatever word people choose to give this. But it is where people can access downloads, learn, and see things outside themselves. Meditation can help people settle down and know what’s within them, be at peace with that, and accept it. There’s literature written about how good that is. But once you know that there are higher frequency states, we can use it as a permission slip to access more of your higher self, your Higher Mind, and other higher vibrational beings that are in and around us vibrating outside our very narrow band of consciousness, trying to assist and help humanity with moving from the 3D consciousness into the 5D. Meditation can be a way for everyone to do that without needing any substance, simply through the power of our intention and free will.

“Meditation, a powerful tool to quiet our minds, holds the key to a field of infinite possibilities. With a little practice, we can enter a meditative state that, when combined with intention and elevated emotion, allows us to actively create in real-time. We can also use meditation to tune into the feeling of already having our desired state of being, thereby, translating that frequency and manifesting it into physical form. This meditative state serves as a powerful portal for clear communication between our physical and higher minds, empowering us with a fuller knowing of ourselves and the world around us,” says Peter about the science behind the process of meditation.

“The people drawn to work with us are already on the awakening journey. Their higher self has found us through the higher realms, and it’s a natural match. We’re helping people see false beliefs and conditioning from their childhood, perhaps where they’ve split from their soul, and help them awaken to their multi-dimensional self; help them awaken to see the bigger picture of this great awakening. This planet has never ascended through the dimensions and frequencies as it is happening now. So we, old souls, have been assigned to come back and be boots on the ground to help the collective and be the light for other people. Most people who come to us are generally lightworkers looking to become leaders in their own right. We are simply being a guide, helping activate what’s already in them and helping them to remember who they are and their authentic soul. We help them heal through the third dimension, one of the hardest dimensions to get through, and once we get up to a higher frequency, it’s easier. It’s like standing on top of the mountain, looking down at the town, rather than being in the city wondering what street you’re meant to be on. So you’re getting that elevation and that high perspective when moving up into fourth and fifth-dimensional frequencies. We’re constantly moving up and down between all three of them. And we’ll continue to have the expression of all of them. Our role in awakening education is to help the lightworkers elevate themselves and have a ripple effect on the collective,” shares Roxanne about the people who are drawn to their coaching practice, Awakening Education.

From our human perspective, we perceive others as separate from us. And still, we are all inner mirrors to each other, reflecting information about our current state of being. Whatever inner state we are vibrating from, we invite and receive back experiences as feedback, so we can consciously choose to either stay or shift our frequency. Everyone creates their own reality; therefore, as we raise our awareness, we can recognize that not only are others mirroring each other, but when widening our perspective, we start to experience others from a different angle of ourselves—the dimension of Oneness. In that state, when someone is rude to us, we can ask ourselves what we can do to be nicer to ourselves while blessing the other for speaking to ourselves through them. The most stubborn mirror reflections are the people we care about the most. Also, these close to our heart relationships are the best reminders of what’s going on within us; these relationships have the most potential for us to shift. What others think about us, it doesn’t matter. But what we think about what others think about us really matters. Ultimately, we would cease to exist without being able to relate to anything and anyone. That’s why, in essence, everything is about relationships and how we relate to ourselves and other people, as well as prosperity, success, well-being, and all.

Regarding the process of balance in the relationship while embracing the aspects of being husband and wife, parents, and business partners, Roxanne says, “Peter and I have always got along quite well. We did our insurance business together and had our children through that kind of life. We had a courtroom out the back, so we’d take turns looking after the kids, doing the business, and running the staff. We’ve done that kind of thing before. But we did it without the emotional engine awakened if that makes sense. When we sold that business and went on this awakening journey, our relationship had some ups and downs. We were still running the children, and they were young. We were also blasted open; the medicine of four nights in a row over and Costa Rica opened us up like getting in a slingshot and going to the top of the mountain rather than taking your time. We were very raw, and sometimes they were like, ‘Get away from me because I’m getting so triggered by you.’ So, in a divine union relationship, what we’ve worked out is to realize that when the other person is triggering us, that’s the divine trigger because who else can trigger you to get deeper into that emotional trauma than your husband? I mean, if it were someone that you didn’t care about, you would be emotionally disconnected, and you would never talk to them again. Sometimes, we needed our own space. Once we realized that it was my energy flow, we started to respect each other’s process. By doing that early on, we’ve been able to be very strong together in what we do. We respect each other’s healing. When we need space and time for processing, we allow that and be the anchor for the children, the house, and the business. We went down to the beach together yesterday. We were hanging out together, and we enjoyed each other’s company. The relationship is still sparky, and we’re so into each other. It’s not drying up. It’s just getting better and better as we go on this journey together. In a relationship, if one person has an awakening, the other is unwilling to look at their staff: that’s where it’s tough. But we were both so on board with this journey that it worked so well. The divine union of masculine and feminine energies also helps that leadership.”

Every desire is an instant manifestation. When we ask through our physically focused perspective, our God perspective instantly creates it; this is the question-answer dance between the physical and non-physical. We imagine and daydream to tune into the feeling of that desire, but once we are vibrating in the frequency of our preference, at that moment, we release that desire into discovery. We can’t want something and have it at the same time; these are different vibrations. We allow ourselves for the feeling of that desire to be the only ulterior motive, without any attachment to its outcome. In that state, it’s when we physically manifest it.

“If money weren’t an option, I would love to host a group of people where we travel to the planet’s seven chakras or energy centers. We would guide them through activations and releases while having fun lunches, dinners, and laughs, and it’s all effortless. And also, that adventure gets to be filmed. It turns into a production that we can show to the masses as well, teaching people how the Earth accurately represents us, that we’re not separate from the planet, and that we should love and nurture the Earth as our cells are part of it,” concludes Peter about his most dominant desire at this moment.

Like Peter and Roxanne, are you radically awakened to your senses beyond physicality?

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