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Olympia LePoint: Destiny is Decisions in Action

Olympia LePoint: Destiny is Decisions in Action

We all are born in different contextual environments, yet we all are innately equipped with infinite tools available to us at all times to navigate our lives in beautiful balance. Growing up, we observe the immediate world surrounding us, often assuming that’s all there is. Based on what we assume is true, we create a perception and a reality of who we are that doesn’t always match with who we desire to become. Do we really just want to be observers, or do we also want to be intentionally writing the story of our lives? When we deliberately make the decision to experience our existence at its best, we will inevitably transform ourselves into magnets of opportunities that will lead the way towards materializing our dreams.

Olympia LePoint, one of the few female African-American NASA rocket scientists, author, inspirational speaker, and the creator of the human decision-making scientific theory called Quantum Deciding, says, “I am a person who truly believes in learning every single day and bettering myself. So, I change in me what I wish to see as a change in the world. To be the change, the tool that I use is science, and the gift that I bring to this world is my brain and mind. I am determined to grow every single day, learn new things, and share what I have learned with the rest of humanity.”

Olympia is continually beating all the odds through her becoming, pioneering, and leading by her own example—inviting everyone to join in to discover their inner power. She grew up in South Central Los Angeles, surrounded by poverty, and faced numerous challenges, all of which she turned into opportunities. Olympia went from failing mathematics in school to eventually becoming a NASA scientist, and she remembers that by saying, “I have a series of educational books. The first book is Mathaphobia; the second book is Answers Unleashed: How to Unleash Your Brain’s Power; the third and most recent book is Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want. In every single one of my books, I talk about my experience of how I had to reprogram my mind to overcome fear.  The first book deals with how you can overcome the fear of mathematics. The second book focuses on removing the fear of painful memories with mindful exercises. The third book helps people remove the fear of the future through a new decision-making science. Every single person goes through situations in which we’re challenged. For me, I had to remove fear, and learn that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. There is the part of us that has to rewind time, change how we see the world, and then do things in a new way that totally blows our own mind.”

Olympia beautifully smiles and continues her story, “In my personal life, I often second-guessed my own strength. I wondered if I could do it, if I could pass the math classes, if I could overcome tough, triggering memories from my past. And then I questioned my ability. When I was in NASA programs, while I worked for the Boeing Company, we worked together with NASA to launch the Space Shuttle Main Engines, as well as the entire Space Shuttle Program. I was honored to help create and design advanced NASA engines, but I was one of the very few women and few people of color there. So, I wondered if I could be a person who could make a significant change, because I did not know that it was okay for me to be one of the first. We are often in situations where we’re doing something groundbreaking, but we don’t see someone who looks like us doing it, or we don’t experience people who think the same way we do as we’re doing it. It becomes challenging because I had to change how I saw myself—I had to look at myself as a person who thought and did things differently and could execute major innovative projects that no one had ever seen before. And so, when I look at my own experience, I see it as a test to show me that no matter what I do, I can succeed. I am not alone; there are other people across this planet in the same situation, doing something great in their lives while being the first people to do it. I just want to encourage everyone; you can do whatever it is that you set your mind to.”

When we don’t try to ignore or run away from our fears, we have the opportunity to recognize that there is value in that experience even though we can’t see why—at the moment of being challenged. Olympia found herself being one of the few African-American females scientists in a room full of male scientists—that itself could be very intimidating to anyone. But she decided to recognize within herself the value she is bringing for being present there, as well as the value of diverse opinions put together in a co-creative environment to accomplish a successful project. 

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I remember walking into a room with 200 NASA people. There were 12 of us in charge of presenting information on how this new engine could work—I was the only female on stage. I remember looking at the audience, a sea of engineers, and thinking to myself, ‘Oh, what am I going to do here.’ But then the epiphany came through—there was no one at that company who could use mathematics to predict the future besides two other people and me. No one on that team or group had the same ability to see the future as I did. Moreover, no one had the ability to use mathematics to model what’s more than likely what’s going to happen. I realized that, at that moment in time, I am the piece of the puzzle in which was needed to solve this problem. When we look at ourselves like that, that’s when we bring power to a situation, because we have the ability to impact any situation that we step into—and it’s through how we think.”

We experience our existence depending on which direction of the thought we decide to place our flashlight of attention. Everything and everyone are vibrating with energy—everything is energy translated into physical form. Olympia’s third book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want, contains an astonishing scientific theory she created, Quantum Deciding. The theory is based on the science of human decision-making and its impact on accomplishing people’s best future. 

“I see spirituality and science as the same. I explain and apply this theory in my books. And the reason why I say that spirituality and science is the same, is because of two major scientists who were before me, my personal life story and my latest science discovery called Quantum Deciding.  In 1916, Albert Einstein introduced the Theory of Relativity, where he was able to determine that energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared E=mc2. That theory was later proven in 2016, when two black holes collided. The theory says that energy takes the form of mass, and it also takes the form of light. So, energy is a type of force that exists forever. They are 100% the same, but depending on time, they change.”

Then Olympia excitedly continues, “Let me break that down. Energy is a mathematical cycle. It continues forever; it never stops. Anything that exists right now will continue to exist but in a different form. That’s what E=mc2 means, as introduced by Albert Einstein—sometimes, energy takes different forms based on what it is interacting with. For example, let’s look at the brain. In my second book, I talked about this; our brain is continuously reshaped throughout our lives. Neuroscientists and psychologists have discovered that the brain changes from childhood to adolescence to adulthood—our brain is mass, it’s literally molecules and atoms and tissue—all of that put together. We also have synapses in our brain, which is where light travels from one part of the brain to the other. So, in my life and in the lives of others, I’ve noticed that as we change the way we think, we change the way our minds works. In science, this is referred to as neuroplasticity. As a result of new thinking, we can rewire parts of our brain. The brain consists of energy, which takes the form of tissues and neurons, and connections, which is light shooting from one end to the next. So, if we look at that basic structure of our thinking, it contains energy—our thinking contains light and mass—it can translate and move different shapes all across our entire life.  In my books, I explain this brain energy phenomenon with my equation, BE=mc2.  

Now, if we look at another scientist before me, Erwin Schrödinger created the Schrödinger’s Equation. He was  truly instrumental in understanding that all life consists of vibrating atoms which gives off a moving light signature. He explained this phenomenon with quantum mechanics, which is a math equation that represents movement in time. He explained that atoms have a unique vibration. He looked at atoms underneath a microscope and looked at molecules in a deeper microscope with a certain structure and was able to see that they not only vibrate, but also gave out light. So, Schrodinger was the person that could equate vibration and energy. He was able to understand, ‘Whoa, this vibration signature has a light pattern. So, energy, which is a form of vibration, was then signaling a type of light. If we look at how anything on the face of this planet is constructed, we can see that each one has a unique set of atoms. In my work, I talk about how Schrodinger was key in noticing this. Anytime you observe an atom, or anything else, you can change it—it’s the process of scientific interaction, and anything you observe is affected by light. And anything that is touched by light is changed. So when we observe atoms or things underneath microscopes, we change them. Everything observed changes when it is observed. Now, this brings us to my new theory Quantum Deciding. If we humans are unique forms of energy – meaning that we are the unique combination of vibrating atoms with our own light signatures based from our thinking –  We change ourselves by observing ourselves in the past and seeing ourselves in the future. 

Everyone’s brain is different. Everyone’s experiences are different. Yet, everyone has the ability to tap into their great future.   So, with my theory of Quantum Deciding, I introduce a theory that says we can use our brain energy to make six life-saving decisions based on observing ourselves in the past and envisioning ourselves in the future. This means, we can make decisions independent of time and space. We can go back into the past and change how we see it, then we change ourselves in the process. We can jump to the future and see our successful selves, and the future changes for the better. And this quantum deciding process, in turn, allows us to heal our past and reach our desired future.”

Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want | Book Cover Photography // Todd Tyler

Olympia has an insatiable desire to share everything she knows and has discovered. She has not only created the Quantum Deciding theory, but she applies it to her own life experience. Olympia discovered that we have a unique energy system that revolves around us 24/7. And this system is based on our decisions. She developed a new quantum mechanics mathematical blueprint that represents our decision-making capabilities. We make decisions, and these decisions literally revolve around us, like circles of light.

“Have you ever seen someone who decided to start their business and the, for some reason, they attract all these opportunities, and you wonder, ‘How did that happen?’ And then they seem to gravitate to opportunities—that decision to start a business, in itself, has attracted new opportunities. It’s because it is a signature forcefield energy that revolves around someone. So, using Schrodinger’s mathematics and the equations of Albert Einstein’s theories, both quantum entanglement and the theory of relativity, I discovered that people could see their future before it happened. Let’s consider my own personal experiences. I had several options for the future. I grew up in poverty, so I could have followed my circumstances; I could have become a high school dropout; I could have been involved gang violence; I could become a rocket scientist. I literally had different futures in front of me, but I could only be in one of them. My decision-making helped me land in the direction I wanted to go. You have six different energy fields that revolve around you, signifying to others and yourself, your decisions count.”

These are Olympia’s Quantum Deciding theory six energetical fields that continually revolve around us: faith, identity, intent, learning, resources, and relationships.

Olympia excitedly shares the details of each of these energetic making-decisions fields with specific examples. She says, “Our number one is our faith, our faith in God and a purpose for our lives. Do we believe that we have a purpose in this life? The second way we make powerful decisions is through our identity. Who do we choose to be? We should ask ourselves this question in both good times and tough times on this planet, such as deciding to be a person of courage even though it’s very difficult. Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were people who did that—they decided to be who they were going to be despite the challenges that they were facing. That decision in itself is something that attracts opportunities, as well as just life. The third decision field that we have is our intent. Athletes are the best of this ability because they can be in a situation and change and transform their environment through making decisions. They step into the environment and change it simply by being there, impacting their surroundings. The fourth decision is learning. This how you choose to learn the truth and how you choose to renew your thinking. Our resources is the fifth. Do you feel you can multiply what you have? The best example I can share is from the Bible. There’s a story about a boy who comes to Jesus and gives him fish and bread. And Jesus takes the items and says, ‘We’ll take these to feed everyone.’ And then, in the story, Jesus takes the bread, multiplies it, and feeds 5000 people. Well, that same principles still exist today. Look at the founders of Amazon, Google, or NASA creating the next generation of long-distance teleportation. They take their existing resources and figure out a way to put them to such good use that they multiply in ways that assist in feeding humanity. And then, the last type of decision is based on our relationships, and specifically, it’s the relationship with ourselves. What is the relationship we have with ourselves and with other people? Do we choose to love ourselves no matter what we go through? I think this is the reason we’re here. In completely being there for ourselves, we create a magnetism for opportunities.”

Then, Olympia beautifully concludes, “Each one of those fields of decisions corresponds to a time in our past when we experienced the most fear, and it’s in those categories we experienced one time on our path that sticks out regarding our faith, our identity, our intent, our learning, our resources, and our relationships. So, with that in mind, we can go back in time and observe ourselves at that moment, where we had the roughest experience. If we can go back in time and talk to and interact with ourselves, we invoke a scientific principle introduced by Albert Einstein’s Quantum Entanglement and my Quantum Deciding, meaning we become entangled with ourselves from the past. And through that entanglement, we can embed the truth in ourselves. As a result, we can start making decisions with the truth as early as we can remember. Now, if you can go back in time and talk to and coach yourself through the toughest moment, something miraculous happens. It becomes easier for the future version of you to come back to you right now and tell you the steps you need to take to get to where you need to go. That is Quantum Deciding.”

Photography // Todd Tyler

We have all experienced and are still experiencing a pandemic about which no one knew anything at the outset, causing people to be fearful. About applying her own theory of Quantum Deciding during the time of unknown, Olympia says, “I had to trust God with knowing the science. I had to go through and find out what was real news versus fake news on the internet, which is the learning field. And, while I had to overcome my anxiety of not knowing what the future held, I also had to accept the fact that I had to make a decision toward the future I wanted. And during the pandemic, I chose to write my third book because it was an opportunity for me to master and execute what I speak. It was proof to me that I was going to select that future I wanted, and I chose to publish the book in the middle of the pandemic. Now, we have the ability to create whatever we want; however, it is through daily decisions that we are able to get there. And when we’re able to connect with one another after the major parts of the pandemic are over, this book will still exist. And this book will continue to bring life and a future to millions.”

We all have the freedom to make decisions. We all can attract the future we want at any given present moment. But if we stay for too long in a state of wanting, it’s still in the vibration of not having it. So, once we made the decision about what we want, knowing that we have already created the future, we release the wanting into the discovery of the opportunities that will lead us to experience that future in physicality. 

“The way we change energy into physical situations is through decisions. Every human on this planet has been given the gift of free will. Anything you think of in the future is simply just an abstract concept until you start making decisions for it to occur. The act of making decisions gives you the opportunity to reach into the future and pull out an energy that you desire, hold it in your hand, and manifest it into something real. There is no other way can something happen unless we make a decision,” says Olympia. 

What is often referred to as the Universe, God, Source, or the Divine is infinite in its nature. We, human beings, are always connected to God but not always aware of it. “I truly believe that we have the Holy Spirit, and it is given to us as a gift from God that connects with us and guides us to our life’s purpose. And for me, my greatest gift is trusting God to bring science to this earth. And it’s my faith and understanding that spiritual things can be represented through equations.” 

Further, expansion, evolution, and change are inevitable. The constant expansion is fueled by our insatiable curiosity, which leads to additional questions, and requests for more, resulting in more answers and solutions. Perfection is found in the path of discovery, not in the goal, because it is a continuous becoming rather than a finite destination. Olympia says, “As we solve problems, we get closer and closer to perfection, but it’ll never be perfect. However, by contributing to the creation of solutions, we are honoring the fact that we are human and that we are on this planet for a reason.”

Everything and everyone we observe and experience around us is a mirror reflection of what we see within ourselves. We live in an inclusive Universe; when we say ‘No, I don’t want this,’ we attract it; when we say ‘Yes, I want this,’ we attract it too—there is mutuality in everything. When we are proactive rather than reactive, we take control of our destiny, making all decisions with faith, clarity of identity, intent, learning more and expanding resources, and developing our relationship with ourselves, which we then reflect on and provide to others. 

Olympia LePoint, a contemporary thinking leader, says softly and confidently, “Destiny is decisions in action.”

So what are the decisions that you are making today?

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