My Success Story

From the context of where I grew up, my family, friends, and society at large I allowed myself to be influenced in what success is and there was a specific conception about it. Even in my rebellion to go against what I was told and taught about success, I understand I didn’t have enough self-belief at that time. But thanks to that, my desire to discover more self-confidence grew stronger. 

I was always driven by the thought of everyone wanting to be successful in one way or another. That ignited my curiosity about the different definitions and concepts of the word ‘success’ throughout my experience. Especially when I became aware of recognizing that even for me, its meaning is continually changing and shaping into something new. 

As I went through life accomplishing things that were important to me, I would always want a fuller experience compared to what I had reached before. Then I understood that success is perceptional, and its definition depends on where I stand in relation to my current desires. Therefore, there always will be the next goal, the next desire, and that propels me to expand as a human being.

This perception indicates that everything is constantly evolving, which I can only experience moment by moment. If past experiences are memories, then by seeing the benefits and contributions to the discovery process of my successful journey at any given moment, I can change my past. In that sense, I can also envision something I want to experience in the future. But now, and now, and now, that process is always happening. Moment by moment, I can choose where I prefer to direct my attention and focus.

As I observe my environment, I clarify my preferences and wantings. If I believe in energy, wanting something is still the vibration of not having it. Now, it will as I release that clear wanting and excitingly begin the discovery process. 

It became clear to me that success is not only physical, because by imagining the success I desire to achieve, I can also feel successful. By listening to Abraham-Hicks’s workshops that are available online, I started not only to understand but to enjoy and nurture myself with the feeling of success. According to Alicia Carrasco, an LOA coach and a dear friend, “It is helpful to recognize that we are on the path towards success by celebrating every step of the way.” 

So, I decided to try to feel successful unconditionally, meaning without waiting for the conditions to change or appear. It was a significant shift for me at that time; I started to cultivate so many beautiful emotions that I could predominantly see beauty, love, and success, not only in me but as well in others and the world around me. I gained confidence in myself, my career, and my life. From feeling it, I began seeing tangible results. 

Listening to Weola’s recordings from online gatherings (facilitated by my husband and me) rings that the whole creation process consists of a question-answer dance. I recognized that I couldn’t sense only the feelings of comfort every single moment of my life. I cannot always be in the vibration of receiving the answer, nor can I be at all times only in discomfort or the vibration of question. I am consistently in a movement between question-answer, comfort-discomfort, or focus-unfocus. 

Although there will always be some kind of slight discomfort While I observe the variety offered by our physical world, I can always be aware of it, appreciate the clarity of experiencing the physical realm and the birth of my new desires. I can always go within and unfocus through meditation, just quieting the chatter off my mind and receive the next step towards what, at that moment, I consider to be a success. 

It embraced my awareness of freedom of choice as I can choose how long I want to stay in feeling discomfort and comfort. And I can predominantly experience success, as I do now. At this moment, this is the most resonant meaning of success I implement in all areas of my life. But as I said, it will probably change. I am thrilled about the new and fuller understanding that it is on its way. 

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