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Life Journeys: Ron Oyer And Eby Jorge Kaba

Life Journeys: Ron Oyer And Eby Jorge Kaba

Imagine yourself sailing beautiful seas, discovering new destinations and experiencing new adventures while having extraordinary, life-changing inner shifts. Whatever our beliefs, all human beings are seeking a sense of divine connection with that which is beyond what we can see. We can’t exist without desires; the oneness of spiritual and physical is the expression of our emotional realm coming into life.

It took two minds, those of Ron Oyer and Eby Jorge Kaba and their magical team to get inspired and co-create what is today Life Journeys. They focus on creating travel experiences and events worldwide, especially on cruises combined with self-empowering programs featuring metaphysical, New Age, and inspirational leaders. 

“I have always had an intense passion for travel and the enrichment it gives people’s lives. The actual name was given to me through a spiritual inspirational experience,” reveals Ron Oyer, the president of Life Journeys. 

Originally from the Midwest, Ron was raised on a farm. His parents always instilled in him a sense of integrity, community, and a steadfast foundation of spirituality: “Throughout my life, I have always valued and lived by a sense of fairness and respect and kindness for all people,” he says. 

Jorge was born in Cuba, from where he was exiled to the US as a child: “My parents inspired in me a strong sense of family and Cuban culture. Although I was raised Catholic, they exposed me to various spiritual and metaphysical teachings and gatherings. Those became the core of my strength, and it is where I feel the greatest sense of joy.”

Ron’s experience in the traditional group travel business along with Jorge’s corporate background—and most importantly, their common vision to create life-shifting experiences—made them pioneers in the travel industry. 

“We have a standard of quality of the cruise experience or resort that must be met for all our clients. We both enjoy traveling, and we are constantly reaching for personal excellence in all we do, and naturally, that is reflected in the results,” they both say.

Photography // Patrick Brinksma | Ron and Jorge on the Celebrity Cruises Vessel

Life Journeys is currently working with many renowned metaphysical and spiritual leaders. Some of the most empowering teachings and events are those featuring Abraham-Hicks, as conveyed by Esther Hicks. “The message that Abraham-Hicks teaches is incredibly powerful. It is a message of self-realization and truth, leading each person to align to their own individual path of fulfillment and joy. It is no wonder that it draws people from all walks of life and cultures from around the world,” says Ron. Abraham-Hicks experiences have sometimes a waiting list for a year before the cruise and host an average of 900 to 1,000 participants from around the world, which is approximately one-third of the entire guest population onboard. 

Ron shares the story of how they began to work with Abraham: “After receiving an introduction from Neale Donald Walsch, I met Jerry and Esther Hicks in the summer of 2003 when they had voiced an interest in doing their first cruise event. From that very first meeting, there was a comfortable bond that grew, and in the summer of 2004, we produced their first Alaska cruise. Just like all things, including the message of Abraham, our relationship has evolved and grown over time. 

Starting with a great working relationship, it has grown into a trusting, beautiful, lifelong friendship, and our events have expanded to many different destinations and venues.”

The cruising experience itself is a great environment to manifest fun and joy. Abraham sails on Celebrity Cruises, which provides modern décor and an elegant group experience. But most extraordinary are the people you meet. “This experience is co-created by each of the attendees, not only with Abraham but with one another. The enlightenment that occurs is not only during the workshops but also as the participants interact and align with each other, which is another highlight of the cruise and seminar experience. It is an incredibly strong, dynamic collection of like-minded people coming together for fun and pure joy, creating an alignment of positive energy in their life.”

The happy and joyful feelings are extended long after the cruise; passengers experience their existence from a new perspective, and Jorge agrees: “When you are joyful and things are flowing from you that connection to your inner being, you do become inspired to create wonderful things that align with your passion and dreams.”

“We have definitely come to realize and acknowledge that we are both powerful co-creators in life. After learning about Abraham, Jorge has come to realize that his parents’ main focus in his upbringing was pursuing joy and never pushing against anything—which has given him the foundation to evolve into that powerful creator,” shares Ron.

When we asked Ron and Jorge about Abraham’s statement that you can be, do, and have anything you want, they said, “It is a powerful truth that when realized will change your life completely and give you limitless possibilities.”

Photography // Patrick Brinksma 

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