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Leilani Green: Truly Carefree

Leilani Green: Truly Carefree

Where we give our attention, the energies flow. Whether we are focusing on the things we like or dislike, we are all born free to choose, conscious or not, the direction of our flashlight of attention.

Artist Leilani Green is breaking boundaries in the skincare industry, setting trends across the fashion and beauty scene with her videos loved and watched by millions on social media platforms. She describes her essence as truly carefree.

Leilani says, “I can influence people by showing them my true, vulnerable, non-judgmental, and honest self. After being a creator for about nine years, my followers know what morals I have. They trust what I say not only about selling them makeup and skincare products, but also, they look at me as a safe place to be inspired. I am like a big sister to them; someone they look up to and can share how they feel. I’m open. They can tell me the craziest things, and I won’t judge. I always have something to reflect back on to them. People can sense that vibe from my social media videos.”

We are all divine energies embodied in what we might perceive as merely physical matter. The broader perspective of who we are is never judging and always unconditionally loving. Whenever we feel less than love, our emotional guidance system indicates that the divinity inside of us is pulling us back to be in-love. And whenever we feel in love with the whole of who we are, it means we are in harmony with the divine. In that state, we can only experience love for ourselves and, therefore, for others.

Beauty feels like oneness—being one with our unique creative expression. Leilani shares her perspective about it: “Beauty can be anything. It doesn’t look or feel the same to everyone; it is whatever you do to enhance yourself to look how you want to feel. If something makes you feel pretty, it has nothing to do with the social norms. Someone can paint their face blue and add some shimmer to it, and that’s beauty, because of the point they’re trying to make. For me, beauty is making a point with creativity.”

Being in alignment always feels good. There are infinite tools and processes available to us to become in the zone of inspiration. In-spiration is being in sync with our spirit, which is the ultimate state to deliberately enjoy the process of our creative expression with an unmatched sense of freedom, where the results of it will always be in-line with our desired outcome. The way we feel within is always reflected without.

“Creating art with makeup is therapeutic. Before I film or sit in my beauty room to do my makeup, I get a coffee or tea and open my laptop. I ensure I have cute little pajamas, making me enter the inspiration zone. Usually, I don’t have an intended makeup look that I’m going to do. I let myself completely do it freely. I don’t know what I will end up walking out of this studio with. It’s 100% free space for me, kind of like journaling. But then again, it happens to be my job and my craft. Instead of journaling in a book, I leave the room looking like a new person. Whatever I walk out with is how I feel in the moment. Sometimes, I’ll feel bright and happy, and I leave with the whole sunset on my eyeballs. Some days, I’ll be dark and have strong, black-defined eyeliner,” says Leilani.

To know if we are really passionate about something, we can ask ourselves: “Would I do this just for the joy of it?” If the answer is ‘yes,’ then it is your passion. Taking the attachment to the outcome out of the equation allows us to be fully present in the moment of creation. Unless we have contradicting beliefs that introduce resistance, paradoxically, when we are fully present in the process of creative expression, any accomplishments come abundantly in perfect proportion to the joy we have experienced creating.

Leilani shares, “I started without knowing there was money involved with what I was doing. I started doing funny, relatable videos, like comedy. Then I saw that I had a big platform. Then, I realized that many people were watching. I got rid of the comedy because I wasn’t as passionate about it. I’ve been doing makeup since I was a little kid. I wanted to show people beauty,” Leilani smiles, then continues, “There was a time when my beauty videos were doing so well that I wanted to post even more. I would have a video up every two days; a well-crafted video that would take all day to film and edit. I started to hate doing it. I would think, ‘Oh my God, here we go, I have to do another video.’ For a while, I would only make myself look crazy because I would get likes and views from it. Then it started getting too technical, where I tried to do things that weren’t true to myself. I stopped. I wanted to do my makeup for fun. Now I’m producing videos much more spread apart. I’m putting love into it. I’m excited to do it. If I did the opposite, even my views would drop because people could tell I didn’t have the same passion for it. And I don’t want to be known because I am trying hard, but for my passion.”

We can accomplish things with effort. But nothing can compare to the efficiency of accomplishing what we want through joy. When we feel good, fresh, and inspired, our creative juices flow easily in avalanches. Then, no wild horses can stop with new ideas coming to fruition, following our infinite expansion of becoming more.

“It’s challenging to stay on social media long and relevant. Each year, I’ve transformed what I do, which is natural because I also evolve. I started making these viral beauty videos a year and a half ago. I recently opened up a new chapter for myself. I’m starting to get into fashion, discussing clothes, and posting full-body photos and my makeup videos. And people see that I’m not losing the spark,” says Leilani.

If we are in fear, it’s not the ideal moment to make any decision. It would be most beneficial for anything we want to experience first to shift from fear to love, and then do anything. Nothing brings us more clarity than being in a state of alignment.

Leilani expresses, “I’ve lived in Las Vegas my whole life. My family and friends are here. I’ve always thought about what would happen or whether it would be beneficial or not to move to Los Angeles. I always had a fear of it, because I didn’t want to encounter the stereotypical aspects of what LA is known for. I pretended I was supposed to be there, and if I stayed in my own lane, I could do it. So, I moved there. Then, I realized I was on a different path than everybody else. At first, it made me sad because I questioned why I felt like that. But it was for a reason. I felt like I was unwilling to give up who I was trying to climb to the top. Although I signed an 18-month lease in Los Angeles, after four months, I came back to Las Vegas. I’ve lost so much money for the lease in LA, but I was confident enough about my decision. And it was so beneficial. I bought my dream home here. Now, I live in my dream place right down the street from my family and friends. I’m working doing what I love exactly where I want to be.”

We can have it all. The potential of everything we desire vibrationally exists in the infinite sea of possibilities. It takes trust in ourselves and faith, which means to believe before we can see it. Any manifestation proceeds the feeling of it. We can unconditionally generate the feeling of anything we desire to the condition we want to experience. Ask ourselves: “What would be the feeling of having what I want?” Then we tune into the frequency of it, we become a vibrational match to it, and it becomes our reality—always.

Leilani says about her wildest desires at this moment, “I would love to see myself in a movie. I always liked acting. To me, that seems so hard, but at the same time, so possible. That would be the dream. And another desire is to have a section of beauty products in a store. If I were to walk into Sephora, where I’ve been going since I was in sixth grade and have a section of product inspired by me with my face on it, that would be an outrageous dream to me.”

Appreciation is synonymous with love. Feeling thankful for what we already have will bring more things to be thankful for. When we feel any fear or lack, it’s best to be general about the aspects of our life that we appreciate, which will lead to feeling better and eventually good about ourselves. Once we feel good, it’s time to get specific in appreciating everything and everyone around us.

“Every night, I thank God I’ve been in this industry for so long. At the same time, I haven’t felt one ounce of that feeling of trying to get to know someone for a specific benefit. I’m still the same person I was before I started social media. My two good friends are still the ones from elementary school. I love having the head on my shoulders where I don’t need to be jealous or greedy. And I love to see that same aspect in others. I can see straight through people, especially when I meet a genuine, happy, nice person who loves me for me and not for what I do. Just genuine true love that humans naturally have.”

Like Leilani, are you feeling truly free and genuinely in love with life?

Photography // Adrian Martin

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