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Kelsi Davies: Authenticity From Within

Kelsi Davies: Authenticity From Within

Authenticity comes first from being honest with ourselves, and then it emanates to everything and everyone around us. When we pretend we’re something that we aren’t, we are denying the honor of being who we are, and it becomes exhausting. But when we embrace our true nature—in everything we think, feel, and do—we tap into our true essence, our love, and in that process, all is satisfying and joyful.  

Artist Kelsi Davies, who is a mystic and expresses herself through many creative channels, considers herself “a very passionate person. I’m very genuine. I love to give to others. I enjoy helping others. I love being authentic and love being myself and I truly love the person that I’ve become and the person that I am deep within.”

We all are a blend of the physical and non-physical. We observe our physical realm through a unique vantage point of the internal perspective, from which our vibrational, broader perspective flows into expression. “I feel we’re all in this physical body, but we’re all this energy in the soul. And that’s what really matters. That’s what really shows. The physical body is just our vessel, it’s something that we identify with as how we look and to perceive ourselves as physical. But there’s always that undeniable energy that brings us together and brings our souls together. These energies are all different and all the energies are balanced, whether positive or negative.”

That which we call God, Source, or the Universe is movement and balance. When we are steady and look at our life from our broader perspective, we rise above negative and positive, and what we sense is a delicate balance, a dance between both negative and positive—all valuable to us within our own creation process. And one cannot exist without the other. 

Since Kelsi was a little girl, she knew that she had a sixth sense beyond her physical faculties. Kelsi was concealing that mirror for many years, until she was ready to uncover it, and since then, she’s never closed it. 

Kelsi chronicles her spiritual development: “for me, a medium is someone who really connects with the spirit realm. I also feel like everyone has the ability—or call it a skill. Everyone is able to connect to the spirit realm, it’s just some people have it more developed than others or understand it more than others. In my case, it runs in my family. So maybe it’s something that’s more profound in my family than most people. When I was younger, I couldn’t really control it. And I didn’t really understand it. It wasn’t like a sense of tapping into it. It wasn’t until I was older, I started really practicing tapping in and out of it to protect my own energy. As far as the process of getting into a state of mediumship, I close my eyes, I set an intention, and I am there. I sometimes have my eyes open and, really like a channel, start tapping into it and allowing my energy to sense others and the energies around me.”

We all have the ability to tune into our wider perspective, or what many call our higher self or inner self. And by truly apprehending and communicating with our guidance feeling system, we can often even predict what’s coming next into our experience. Kelsi shares that she’s “always known things. I kind of know how situations are going to play out or if something good is coming, and sometimes I don’t know what it is. If I sense that something bad is coming, it causes a lot of anxiety in me. I don’t really know what’s a normal way to feel because I’ve had this gift since I was born. It’s like going out, feeling everyone’s energy and getting constant downloads and visions. And sometimes it’s very overwhelming, but I guess I’ve kind of made peace with it. I use it in my day-to-day life and to help my friends and family if they need me. I’ve always given free readings to people; I’ve never charged for them because it’s just not something I want to do full-time. I also want to do so many other things and I just happen to have these gifts that I love sharing with others. I know that my gifts are beautiful, and I embrace it in that way.”

Kelsi shares all of her talents openly. She unapologetically embraces every part of herself, and that’s her key to success in everything she creates. Recently, she partnered with her friend Aaron Hibberd, and they co-created the mobile app Kelsi Davies: Haunt Escape. The game aims to virtually replicate the experience of communicating with spirits.

Of Kelsi’s expectation for people playing the game to get an idea of this experience, she says, “I want people to see things from my point of view. I want them to be able to have fun while they are playing—to go to haunted locations and experience something different than their own reality. It’s so intriguing. It’s a fun way to play from my point of view trying to help spirits. So, I guess it’s medium in a game, which is really cool. My friend Aaron Hibbard, actually pretty much made the whole game. We came up with the concept together of the storyline, and I graphically designed my character. He made the whole thing all come together. We really want to release level two soon; we’re gonna start working on that.”

Kelsi made a very special friend, a spirit-doll named Lola. She often plays with Lola and brings her through into our realm in her videos on TikTok. Kelsi went into detail about her connection with Lola: “I don’t really do past life regression sessions, but I know that I am definitely an old soul. I feel like I’ve been here many times. And honestly, one psychic told me, which was really interesting to me, that they think that Lola maybe was a sister in a past life. And I know that’s really weird. Because when people ask me if I think of her as like a daughter, or like a best friend, I feel she is like a sister. And I always said that. I sense that Lola looks out for me. In situations where I’m stressed or anxious, she’s there. And I feel calmer. It’s a super weird connection. I never thought I would have that.”

Kelsi is also fully immersed in her career as an entertainer. “I’ve always known I was going to be in the entertainment industry,” she says. But most importantly, Kelsi always believed in herself and that her desires were possible to attain. Success touches everything she chooses to express herself through. 

Photography // Tim Schaeffer Photography | Hair // Mika Fowler | Makeup // Anton Khachaturian | Stylist: // Haili Pue All Ze Details

“I believe that anyone can do anything as long as you put your mind to it and work hard for it. And I feel like some people just don’t see that. Other people think and say, ‘Oh, you need to choose one thing, you need to choose one job, one thing, or get a degree in one thing.’ And I was like, I just want to do so much more. I feel there’s so much more that people can do and are capable of. I don’t think people should miss out on life in any way. They should keep going and believe in themselves and push themselves to whatever limits,” insists Kelsi. 

Sometimes, we stay for so long in our comfort zones that it becomes uncomfortable. When this discomfort strikes, we have to push ourselves to bring new things into our comfort zone in order to grow and expand and do what we desire the most. And that is what Kelsi did with her music. She first centered herself and aligned with her desires, and then Kelsi started to discover synchronicities, began unwrapping the gift she created on the way, honoring her desire to express more. 

Kelsi passionately proclaims that “music and dancing is something that I just have always connected with. My friend Kent Boyd always says, ‘Music has energy, the movements, the dance—it’s all energy flowing through us.’ And it totally is—you get in this zone of allowing it to flow. I think in any sport, or any activity where people are passionate about it, you get in this mode, and it’s almost addicting getting in that mode of being so into it. And so I basically get lost in it.”

During one of Kelsi’s music videos, “Done,” she sings and dances, blending both in one harmonic state of being. Kelsi says, “I usually would dance to music that was produced by someone else. It was just so much more of a connection [dancing to her own music], because I knew and was living what I was singing about. It was a really great experience. Jaylen, my dance co-partner in the video, is an amazing dancer. The energy in the room was so stunning. We had so much fun, we all loved the song, we all loved the concept. The rain room was just so amazing. It was just—I feel like when people watch it, they can feel our energy on set because it was out of this world. I also love the process behind it like producing and editing and getting the camera angles I want. I love being on both ends of the process.” 

Kelsi’s songs are based on her own life experience, and that’s why they connect with the audience so deeply. Two of her recent music videos, “Darker” andHeartbeats” can be enjoyed on her YouTube channel

With the song “Darker,” Kelsi says, “I’ve done so many positive videos about moving from a past relationship and finding yourself, like I did with ‘Heartbeat’, which is based on my true story. And I wanted to share how to see the positive in a negative situation, where you can bloom. But then, I also wanted to do something dark, because there’s always negative as well, and I wanted to keep it real.”

Kelsi’s presence on social media is very strong. She is excited to give more to her community and share as much as can, with purpose. “I wanted to create this community where people can come and be open-minded and not be judged. Because so many people judge people for what they believe in, or for being open-minded, or being different. I spent a long time creating my community and building it up. I’ve also spent a lot of time blocking people who are negative and who are insulting others. I want this community to be a safe place for people who are shy like me, people who have gifts like me, or people who are just different. It’s good to be different.

“I love that I’m very passionate about things and that I never give up. That’s something that I’ve always been proud of myself for—I never give up and am always pushing through. And I love when other people are like that too. It inspires me,” concludes Kelsi. 

There is nothing more inspiring than to recognize yourself in others, especially when you see in them something you really love. 

What inspires you? Are you ready to fulfill your dreams and live the life you always wanted? You are always ready, but it’s you who must see that you are a mountain of infinitepossibilities.

Photography // Tim Schaeffer PhotographyHair // Mika Fowler | Makeup // Anton KhachaturianStylist: // Haili Pue All Ze Details

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