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Isabeau Maxwell: Embodying My Innate Intuitive-Self

Isabeau Maxwell: Embodying My Innate Intuitive-Self

Our quest to understand, sense, and embody who we are is eternal because, with every single question we ask, with every desire we launch, we simultaneously bring the process of that asking into being. Therefore, the Universe—Everything That Exists—reconfigures itself through our infinite question and answer dance. 

Isabeau Maxwell, an Intuitive author, Medium, intuitive teacher, and founder of The SAGE Method, says, “We have personal programming, we land in a certain town, we are raised by a certain family, but does that really define who our soul is? Not at all! I was raised a little bit differently than what my soul speaks to. And there was nothing negative about how I was raised—it was very driven and achievement-oriented. I am more of a creative person who wants to lift others. That’s the food for my soul. So, I am more of a creative lifter than an aggressive doer.”

Our minds are incapable of comprehending, and our words are incapable of expressing the fullness beyond that which we can perceive through our physical faculties. However, when we take a moment to gently look around ourselves, to really sense the vastness and beauty surrounding us, the astonishment of the creation that we creators are creating, we will see the world from our wider God-like perspective. 

Isabeau grew up as a big skeptic of anything related to energy, vibrations, and spiritual realms. But her curiosity, combined with an event she experienced when her grandmother died, led her to gradually discover that there is more to her than just her physical body. 

“I was a complete skeptic. I didn’t have spirituality or religion in the family, so I didn’t open up to all of it instantly. It was an event with my grandmother that impacted me in a way that I couldn’t resist, but to curiously move forward in the direction of finding out what it was all about. When I was 31 years old, my grandmother passed away. She was very far from me; I was in New Hampshire, and she was in Minnesota. Within moments of her passing away, she showed up in my living room. To be honest, it was a very frightening moment for me. I was really, really scared because, in my head, it wasn’t real. And my grandmother came through so strongly that she was right in front of me, standing sideways, and still, it fascinates me to this day. So, she turned her head, looked at me, winked, smiled, and disappeared. It really, really startled me, and I went with my grief as she was my world. I didn’t have anyone around me who was into spirituality, so I reached out to this incredible Tai Chi instructor named Chris. I remember saying to him, ‘I don’t know you very well, but you’re the weirdest person I know. Help me, please.’ And he just wrapped his arms around me and supported me through this process of learning how to feel the presence of my grandmother and ask her questions. So eventually, I started to see her again and was also able to hear her. Once I started to really understand it and actually trust that it’s real, it opened an entire world for me,” Isabeau shares candidly. 

All of us are connected to the Divine; we all are part of the Divine, we all are Divine. Disconnection from that which we call God, Universe, Source, or Divine is perceived only when our physical focus is so narrow that we see only a little piece of the whole infinite Everything That Exists. But we all can go within, soften our focus and start to stretch the perception of our wider perspective. At that moment, our horizons of sensibility, clarity, and inclusion will open up in front of us like magic. 

Isabeau describes her process of mediumship, “Tuning into the channels of connectedness between beings is what it is all about for me. If you can imagine that there is a connection between every single soul that is here, that was here, that is going to be here—you have an energetic line between every single soul beginning, and it’s simply tapping into those lines, and having that conversation through that channel. That’s the best way I can explain mediumship. To connect to this, the easiest way for so many of my students and me is to let go of the agreed-upon reality, let go of the solid. It’s a conscious effort at first, but with time, it will eventually become easier. And this is something everyone can do. Mediumship is not a special factor, it’s not a gift, it’s an ability to actually sense; we all have it. And what you want to connect with is in between the molecules; it’s not the molecules. So, when I see somebody come out of the corner, I might catch something with the corner of my eye. But as they turn, I can’t see anything. It’s because when you turn the human in, your eyes instinctively land on a door, on a wall, on a lamp, etc., because they are searching the molecules for what you saw. But guess what happens out of the corner of your eye? It’s defocused, not focused. Therefore, the best tool I can give people is to find a way to defocus and let the rest of the world just fall away so I can see what’s in between.”

Weola, the transformational teacher Kosta Trifunovic, says, “The body is yours, the mind is yours, the emotions are yours, and the thoughts are yours, but they are not you. You are this wider perspective, this Everything That Exists perspective, expressing yourself through all of these wonderful physical faculties.”

Our physical vessel is an extraordinary mechanism designed to perfection. When we are sensitive to the energies our body oscillates, we will sense when there is too much focus outward and when it’s time for us to regain our balance by unfocusing within. 

“Learning about the energetic body was a game-changer for me. Our energetic body is everything; it’s our spirit, it’s our soul, or any other word you want to put on it. Our physical body is actually contained within the energetic body. Now, for most of us, like me, who had no knowledge of this, we weren’t aware that our energetic body is affected before our physical body. If someone yells at you, that anger energy will hit and enter your energetic body before the sound ever hits your ear. And we’re living our life with this energetic body kind of moving forward and carrying the physical body with it. In essence, 99% of everything we experience is energetic, while only 1% is physical. So, imagine what life will be once you start to acknowledge, ignite, and take care of your energetic body and be aware of it. It’s life-changing,” Isabeau says excitedly.

Whether you refer to your wider perspective, the Higher Perspective, Inner Being, or Spirit Guides, like Isabeau does, we all have the innate ability to communicate with the collective energies at any time we choose to. It takes just a little bit of practice and commitment to regularly use any tools you have to go within and unfocus.

Isabeau says, “The way I explain to my students is to think of the Spirit Guides as the most perfect, unconditional, and loving parents. The Spirit Guides are on your team. Imagine saying to your team before you arrive on Earth, ‘All right team, here are the things I want to do.’ Then you slam yourself into that cute little adorable baby body, and you grow up without the knowledge of what the future brings. But your team has that knowledge of all your intentions. They see everything coming and everything that has been all at once, so they can guide you to make sure you get to that next destination you want to be. So, it’s really comforting to know that I personally think it’s a blast to get the synchronicities and the signs. My Guides tend to have a good sense of humor, as I hear many people’s Guides have a good sense of humor. And they’ll give us fun signs in really neat ways. It makes life just a little bit more magical. I always say to my students, ‘The best thing you can do is to sit three to four feet in front of a blank wall, and put your gaze between you, the wall, and defocus. And then secondly, stay open to how they communicate with you. Just do it five minutes a day, and that’s commitment.’ Over the years, I have seen and stayed open to how they come through; don’t decide how it’s going to look, just be completely open. If nothing happens, that’s okay; have a one-way conversation. But being in that state every day will help the most to train their energetic body on how to be open.”

Breathing is life. Our physical body does everything for us; we don’t have to consciously digest our food, or orchestrate for our blood to run, or to make our heartbeat pump. However, one thing we can consciously do is to control our breath. That’s why entering a meditative state is one of the most powerful tools for going within, expanding into a fuller intuition, and affecting both the energetic and chemical balance of every single cell in our body. 

 “Intuition is a sixth sense. And we all have it; it’s all there. It’s not that we need to get more of it or learn how to have it; we already have it. The key to unlocking your intuition is uncovering it. It’s cluttering. Look at little ones; they’re so intuitive when they’re running around and exploring. And as life goes on and events happen, they become more and more and more cluttered, affecting not everyone but the majority. And it was as a result of this that the intuitive channel became increasingly obscured. The more we can clear the minds, the more we can organize our environment, and thus the easier for our intuition to flow naturally,” shares Isabeau.

We are mostly unfocused—as babies—when we are born, which is why we sleep so much more than as adults. And as we grow, we learn through our environment to be more focused. The balance of the focus and unfocus movement is what brings us into the enhancement and application of our intuition. 

Isabeau uses her intuition on a daily basis. She says about it, “I’ve discovered that the more you do the inner work, the more you recognize your personal programming and start to really recognize your energetic body and the intuitive flow, the more things tend to work out for you a little bit more automatically. You could say you find that you instinctively make choices in the direction you’re supposed to go. It’s almost as if you have an easier sense of your higher self, a little bit more awareness of your spiritual path and where you’re headed.”

Among other programs, Isabeau created The SAGE Method that comes from the words, Spirituality, Alignment, Growth, and Empowerment. This is how she explains the meaning behind each of these words, “Spirituality is being real; it’s being 100% authentic with who you really are. Meaning, being in a space of understanding that, while a human decision might be really difficult to make, it’s not as difficult to make as a spiritual decision. Alignment is delicious. When you are in alignment, things are easier. Things are more simple because they just are. Now, are we always in alignment? No. But the more we work on our spirituality, our intuitive flow, the more we can find ourselves in alignment and less out of alignment. And so, it’s a significant improvement in one’s quality of life. To me, growth now means growing out of that human shell. We have a human body, and then wrapped within and expanding outside of it is this energetic body. So, for me, growth would be being able to exist and experience this human experience through that energetic body, which removes all limitations. And empowerment is what happens when you push through awareness, which is difficult for many people. For example, I’m now aware of this behavior or tendency of mine or how I do this or that, and I don’t like it. So, it’s that moment when the mirror shines very brightly in your face and says, ‘Oh, okay, awarenesses can be uncomfortable and difficult but, as I say to all my students, if you have awareness, you’re 90% there. You just need to push through it because right past awareness comes a decision. And it’s that decision that empowers you.”

So, The SAGE Method, all of it together, it’s kind of a formula to step into spirituality, work to align, the growth happens, and in that, you’re standing with more empowerment,” Isabeau says with a wide smile.

As a teacher who wants to impact the world, Isabeau works on her own steadiness first so she can create a lifted conducive environment for self-discovery and empowerment. “It was hard for me to open up intuitively. It was hard for me to share that with the world. It was a very big transition from what now feels like my former life to what I live today. And I cannot express more gratitude that I got to do this in this lifetime because I can now look back and see the suffering that I was walking in as normal, and the freedom from that is really beautiful. If I had to say one thing that I like about myself, I would love that I’ve become so playful. I’ve become my energetic body, which is playful. And now I get to experience what it is to navigate—not even having to choose happiness anymore because happiness just is. So, it’s exciting for me to look back and say, ‘Wow, so much time of not being free and now being able to be giddy and playful. And I’ll tell you what I love about other people. I love that everyone is playing the role they came down here to play, and they’re doing a fantastic job,” Isabeau says warm-heartedly.

And are you excited to feel free and play along with your intuition? 

Photography // Jenessa MacKenzie    

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