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Indi Star: Creative Superpower

Indi Star: Creative Superpower

Creativity is the reflection of how far we allow our imagination to be free and open. We are all creative creatures, all born with the gift of imagination, and can stretch its limits as far as we want to. The moment we give in to the inspiration of imagining what we dream about, our creative juices start pouring like a summer thunderstorm, with the rays of sun brightening the way through the rainbow of opportunities that create magical worlds. 

Indi Star, the artist who, at her young age, has impacted many people with her joyous creative expression, says with a wide-open smile on her face, “I’d say I’m quite creative. And I make every effort to listen and always be kind to others.”

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Indi moved with her parents to LA at the age of eight, intending to pursue her dreams of succeeding in the entertainment industry. However, that was more than a leap of faith; it was a decision made by Indi’s family, believing and seeing how much joy is in their daughter’s diverse artistic expression such as dancing, acting, singing, and later discovered more of Indi’s talents in songwriting and witty content creation on YouTube. 

Photography // Jessica Spohr

“I always believed that the world was good around me. It’s really important to believe in yourself; I’ve always believed in myself ever since I was a kid, and also because my family was always very supportive,” Indi shares candidly, and then continues, “I moved to LA as a little girl, so I kind of had to believe in myself. But it’s gotten me a long way in terms of knowing, and I kind of always had that mentality that if something doesn’t work out, it’s because there’s another thing better for me in the future. So, even when others are getting acting jobs I auditioned for, I think to myself, ‘That’s really good for them. But I know that there’s something more for me in the future.” 

There is a difference between trying to figure out the ins and outs of what’s going to happen and having a clear knowing that what we desire is already unfolding and then fully enjoying the discovery of all the steps necessary for that dream to manifest in our physicality. Imagining in the direction of our dreams is one of the most satisfying experiences—even with that dream just being only imagined—and we can beautifully imagine whatever dream we desire. 

Indi is proud of all her artistic expressions. As she masters them individually, she sees and feels how she is adding value to all of them. “Acting and dancing actually helped my singing, as well as my music videos, as I loved dancing in them. And then, dancing and singing help for acting jobs, even for commercials. So yes, they help me perform better in any of the disciplines I love to perform.”

 Indi’s most recent role is as a regular on Charmers, a new Brat TV series about a ‘coven of teen witches striving to battle a wicked demon that is haunting their camp, Whispering Sky.’ “Paris, my character, is a mean sporty girl. I’ve often been pushed around when I was younger, and I’ve kind of let people take advantage of me. So, I’d say playing Paris definitely helped me gain more awareness that I would never be that mean, but I also feel I have learned how to stand up for myself through her,” Indi says of the process of playing Paris. 

Photography // Jessica Spohr

In addition, Indi wrapped filming her role as a Young Vista in the feature superhero film The Hyperions, which is expected to hit theaters in 2022. We are all superheroes, and about the superpower Indi would want to be, she says with a witty and dreamy face expression, “I know it might sound weird, but I would want to travel back in time, a specific point in time, like a memory that I remember. Then I can decide whether I want to just observe it as a memory or be myself and converse with the person in that memory.”

On June 18th, Indi released her new single Afterglow, and she excitedly shares about it, “Afterglow is about being in a fun, new relationship. I wrote this in January when I was actually experiencing that. But what I want people to take away from listening to Afterglow is to be grateful for every single moment they have, and I think it’s beautiful. I always make an effort to be appreciative of every moment I have.”

Especially for Indi’s generation who grew up in the “era” of social media, it becomes the norm to interact throughout all the social platforms. Indi says, “everybody has a different meaning of what social media represents to them. Sometimes, it could be a negative place, which is not good, but I try to share positive content, and people sometimes are negative in my comment section, but that’s okay. I try to be as positive as I can. Because I’ve been using social media since I was eight years old, it has played a significant role in my life. I’m on TikTok, Instagram, and I recently started creating content on YouTube. So, even though I enjoy it, I try not to become too tied to it when I feel it is taking over my life. Sometimes, I do find myself browsing endlessly on TikTok or Instagram, and when I feel it’s too much, I just put my phone away. I don’t want to be on it all day, so I try to keep away from it as much as possible. However, I must post constantly, which is awesome because I love it. And it’s like my job. So, I’m quite grateful for it.” 

We are continually bombarded with diverse content impressions, which is great in itself, but it can stimulate our minds to the point where they are unable to relax. A sense of steadiness can be achieved by striking a balance between focusing and providing careful attention to the things we love, as well as unfocusing and practicing less focused activities such as meditation or exercise, which do not require as much attention. With more unfocused time, we can create the space for more content coming in without feeling too tired or drained. 

Photography // Jessica Spohr

Indi’s concerns for Autism Awareness, Racial/Sexual Equality, and Save The Earth are among the other activities to which she devotes her time. She says, “Autism awareness is really special to me because I have someone close to me who is autistic. So, I have been learning sign language, which has really been helpful in communicating. I think it’s just about accepting everybody for who they are, and I accept everybody for being themselves. I never want anyone to try to hide their true self. A lot of people hate on others for being their true selves, and that really has never made sense to me. It’s important to be all-inclusive, accepting everybody for being themselves and loving whoever they want to love. I also like just being happy because being happy is definitely the best way to live life. Accepting that you will be upset at times and smiling because you know it will pass, appreciating life, and never taking things for granted are all part of being happy. Then I love our Earth; I think it’s stunning. But when I’m outdoors and witness something as simple as people throwing trash on the ground, I’m baffled. They do it like it’s nothing, but it does destroy the Earth.”

Being who you are or being authentic is a dynamic quality that is continually evolving and becoming more complete. Indi Star is an example of someone who embraces her becoming, and cares about everything and everyone around her. When we decide to live our lives and love who we are, we will inevitably share that love with others.

Photography // Jessica Spohr

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