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I Am a Field of Infinite Possibilities

I Am a Field of Infinite Possibilities

Who I AM.

I am, in essence, a vibrational being experiencing a material world in a physical body. I was never as clear as I am now; I am that which I think myself into being. Throughout my life experience and in time becoming more aware of how my thoughts are physically crystallized, my faith in the unseen has solidified. As I naturally expand my consciousness, feeling my way through discovering more clarity, I sense a continual fulfillment in my existence by consciously creating my own life.

Why I AM here.

I am continually reminding myself that I am that which I believe I am. It takes practice to turn my attention from what I have had already created, especially when it’s something unpleasant to contemplate. But there is nothing more powerful than to focus on what my heart desires, feel good about it, and see it appear as real. I am here to experience the variety of our beautiful world, to enhance my free will and choose my preferences that in turn create the life I consider is best for me. 

I AM that.

I am an emotional being; I am that which I feel I am. Consciousness wants to express itself through our physical human beingness, and everything I ever desire, I do for the purpose of feeling good. The absence of desire is the opposite of life, as everything that has ever been created was born from a desire, from a vision of something new, a leading-edge idea. If all that is true, and I have a limitless flow of ideas, I must equally be an infinite field of possibilities.

I AM fulfilled.

I can only feel about others that which I feel within myself. I can only give to others that which I have and give to myself. When I am in love with life, I feel waves of appreciation for myself and others running through my body. My emotions are the true indicators of how I am experiencing and living my life. Fulfillment is not a thing; fulfillment is a state of being that only I can create. How empowering is that unconditionality, how liberating it is to know that it’s all me. To manifest any desire, I first and foremost think and feel that it’s already fulfilled.

I AM consciousness.

Consciousness is everything and in everything. I am emanating energy in different vibrational levels that are triggered by my patterns of thought and feelings indicate the direction towards I am creating. Being aware of it and using the power of now, I can still my mind and bring about new thoughts that feel better than the previous ones. When I let my consciousness reach the state of less thought to non-thought, I create more space for new life to come. I am one with the Universe. I am one with the Source. I am one with You. I am Consciousness. I am the creator of my own life.

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