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Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want

God, the Source, the Universe, and I.

If I can agree that thoughts transform into physical things and experiences, I know that the path to getting what I want is first formed as an idea – a thought. 

For that, in order to transform my desires into reality, I must cultivate how to think mindfully. Ultimately, this will bring the sensation of more harmony into my life, embracing the ever-existent complete unity with God, or what many call the Universe or the Source.

God, the Universe, the Source is infinite in its nature and love. Since I am an extension of Everything That Exists, I am also the Source, the Universe; I am God. When I feel unhappy or imbalanced, it’s because I have shifted my attention away from love. There is never a disconnection; there is the awareness or not of the constant connection to love, to God, the Universe, the Source. I can always choose when I want to tune into that connection of love, which is available to me at all times.  

Through my desires, I, the God, the Universe, the Source continually reconfigures and expands. 

I will see it when I believe it. 

If I accept that thoughts transform into things, situations, and experiences, then the phrase “I will believe it when I see it” will very much sound upside down. To believe something, I either have to accept what I have sensed with any of my physical senses or I can accept what I have imagined as a part of my creative process.

Repeatedly, I keep having a thought that, either through observation or in my imagination, creates a habitual pattern in my mind. That usually leads to the formation of a belief, whether it is desired or not. Besides, according to Abraham-Hicks, “a belief is just a thought that has been repeated many times.” 

I invite to my physical realm that which I predominantly think about. When I think of beauty, love, and joy, I will see more of that, and when I think the opposite, I will see the other way. I always choose how long I think a thought and when to shift my focus around it. 

This leads me to the realization that only what I believe will show up in my life. So, “I will see it when I believe it” is more resonant with me.

The past and the future exist in the present now. 

If thought precedes a physical manifestation, then every present situation is a past thought manifested, and current thoughts can be manifested in the future.

In other words, past thoughts manifest in the present, and based on my perception about my current reality, I create my future; it all always happening now. I can change my past by shifting my perception about it; I create my future by what I am thinking, hence believing about it—all the power to shift and re-focus moment by moment in the now. 

I understand that there is only the present and that my focus, like a flashlight, can be directed and re-directed to whatever I choose at any given time. I always and only live in the present and that’s where my past and future meet. The present is when, through recalling, I invite the past into the future; the present is when I create the future by imagining it.

When I think about what powerful thinking center I am, at any given moment in time, I realize I have the capability to go from the past into the future with such precision (as the present is all there is). 

I don’t push to assert to get. I relax to allow to receive.

There can’t be an assertion, there is only the perception about it and everything in life is by my own invitation to it. 

There is nothing to do or to work on, there is only to be aware of the whole creation process. My awareness about it embraces my freedom of choice when I choose to be focused on more physical things and activities and when to un-focus by going within. Like Weola says, the balance of the whole creation process is between the question-answer dance. 

When I observe my physical realm, it will always trigger in me some kind of question, clarity of a new desire. When I go within, I allow the answer to that question to be received. 

I love my life! I know that no matter the conditions surrounding me, I can predominantly enjoy it because I also can create the conditions I desire.

Illustration // Ines Glavas

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