Brooklynne Webb: Being Unapologetically Me

Our curiosity and wonder about the life that surrounds us lead us to deepen our knowledge and connection with everything that exists. Then, our heart and mind naturally open to include more experiences and people, recognizing that all of them are different angles of ourselves reflecting back our current state of being. When we are aware of it, we can deliberately choose what to do with those mirror reflections.

Artist Brooklynne Webb has allowed her curiosity and wonder about life to open her perspective to the many facets and manifestations of humanity. Webb, who is a social media star, says, “In essence, I’m a very, very bubbly and energetic person who’s very, very open-minded about a lot of people and a lot of different things.”

Everything is movement; nothing is static; change is the only constant. We are a stream of life force expressing itself through our continual becoming. Technology has sped up the movement of information, and all our physical faculties that together compose the most advanced technology ever designed, blend in such a dynamic variety of artistic creations.

“I feel like, especially with social media, these days, it’s really easy for the content and art, in general, to get circulated through very, very quickly,” says Brooklynne. “As soon as it’s put online, an hour later, so many could have seen it—someone who went from zero to 2 million people seeing their art. So, I feel like with the rise of social media, that’s a huge influence on the trends going in and out. And in return, making it so that art can go really in and out, given the flexibility for lots of creators like myself to be able to really do and not just settle down to one thing. Because as everything changes, social media changes and we also change.”

Sound, like everything else, is made from vibration. These vibrations create sound waves which can be perceived by us like music, conveyed through different mediums of unique expression. Brooklynne grew up surrounded by dance and music, channeling the vibrational flow of her own waves through her musical collection debut, My Crown: The Album.

About feeling her way through music, Brooklynne shares, “There’s a difference for me from hearing the music to actually feeling music and having it go through giving me an emotion. It doesn’t happen with every single song or every single thing that I hear, but once I have that connection, I can put that feeling; it’s almost like I’m not thinking. Once the music is something that I connect with, it just happens so naturally, and it just moves, and it just feels like how it’s meant to.”

It’s natural to us as human beings to observe, compare, and measure ourselves through the contrast that our diverse world provides us with. But it’s just a necessary starting point for us to make our preferences. Once we get the clarity of what we want, it’s time for us to move on to discover our desires in our physicality. When we get too caught up within the sifting between the likes and dislikes, we often forget to enjoy the process of our own creation.

“I see a big difference all the time when I create something that’s just purely out of joy. Like I have this idea in my head, this itch, so I have to scratch this thing I have to create, and I go, and I push, and I create it. And I feel so fulfilled afterward, versus having something where it’s like, ‘Oh, I need to create because I need to put something else out today.’I don’t feel this passion, this itch in my brain. It’s just almost like making something to make something and the product afterward. I feel like it’s so different from each thing. And I can tell an immediate difference from that itch I needed to scratch versus just creating something because I needed to put something online,” says Brooklynne.

There is nothing that we have to do from the perspective of need, but there are always steps to be done to fulfill that which we want to accomplish. There is nothing more satisfying than to get inspired and then act on that inspiration, instead of acting out of the need to do something. This awareness led Brooklynne to follow her inspiration in creating a clothing line that underlines body positivity messages.

Creative Team: Photographer // Dylan Lujano @dylanlujano | Hair // Mika Fowler @mikahairstylist  | Makeup // Anton Khachaturian @antonmakeup | Stylist // Haili Pue, All Ze Details @allzedetails Fashion Credits: Top // Charles and Ron | Shorts // Aritzia | Boots // Chinese Laundry

Her merch line, called Unapologetically Me, is both minimal and comfortable; Brooklynne describes it as “a cozy crewneck that makes you feel unique and comfortable in your own skin.” She adds, “it’s just wearing something so basic, and not basic at the same time. For me, it’s almost like playing to the point where I feel that I don’t need to think about what I’m pairing it with, what I’m doing with it, or anything. It’s just comfortable. And I know, for everyone comfort comes in different ways. But I feel like when I can just wear something that’s comfortable, almost like taking out the layers of too much overthinking, it’s part of my self-care. Sometimes when I feel that I’m hitting this point of exhaustion, and just overworking, I start to almost not even pay attention to everything around me. When everything turns into a bit of a blur, that’s a bit of a sign for me that it’s time to rest up. Do some self-care, take a good shower, wear something basic and comfortable and just go to bed so that I can wake up feeling refreshed and energized the next morning.”

This might sound cliche, but the sense of beauty comes from within. We might find ourselves in the midst of the biggest chaos, but when we are steady, we start to see the value in everything and the beauty beyond its mere physical appearance.

“Beauty is all subjective; what’s beautiful to one person isn’t going to be beautiful to the other. But I feel like true beauty really comes from within and knowing who you are on the inside. And knowing that part of yourself so well, that you can trust everything that you’re doing, and you don’t even have a second thought,” candidly says Brooklynne.

We all show up in the world wanting to be authentic, but are sometimes confused as to how to do that as we are continually influenced by outer opinions, assumptions, and beliefs. People like Brooklynne who chose to express an aspect of themselves through social media are in the eyes of other people who perceive them from their perspective. That can lead to positive and negative reflections from others, but in any case, it is valuable to recognize who we are and the perfect opportunity to practice unconditional love. It’s easy to love the most loving people, it’s difficult to love the bullies—aggressors are acting like that from the fear, therefore are looking for the most love.

Brooklynne says, “With the hate, there are sometimes things you kind of need to pick apart and figure out what it is—just noise of people trying to say something negative, or whether it’s a reaction just to get attention or something like that, versus actual criticism. And for me, kind of finding the positive in it and taking another spin was having a persona and doing it and showing people from an outside perspective, kind of getting them to look within themselves that, ‘Whoa, she wasn’t really doing too much other than like lip-synching a few things and kind of looking at themselves and realizing that they were really putting negative attention into the atmosphere for no reason.’ I think that every single person is deserving of love. And for me, I’ve had a few times where I’ve gotten some kind of very, very mean and nasty, long, direct messages from people before who seemed like they are just upset. And then what I’ll usually do, because I realize a lot of the time at first, I was like, ‘Well, why would people say these horrible mean hateful things?’ But then I realized, they’re probably unhappy with what’s going on. So, I’ll just kind of send them a message and say that I hope that they heal from everything going on in their lives, and that things start to get better because everyone does deserve love.”

Then Brooklynne smiles and continues, “Whenever people interact with me, I hope that they leave feeling happier, and build confidence in themselves. and that they leave almost having like a weight lifted off their shoulders, like they didn’t feel judged, and that they had just a good interaction. And I feel like empowerment is having the confidence and the drive and just not even second-guessing yourself. And when you’re feeling empowered, you just know that you can do something or it’s giving someone else the ability to feel like they can do it and that they know what they’re doing and feeling confident in themselves in their craft.

“My favorite aspects of myself are probably my kindness and my open mind. And my favorite aspect in other people is the ability to show kindness to others no matter what,” concluded Brooklynne.

Being kind feels nice. Like Brooklynne, are you being kind to yourself, and therefore including others in your kindness?

Creative Team: Photographer // Dylan Lujano @dylanlujano | Hair // Mika Fowler @mikahairstylist  | Makeup // Anton Khachaturian @antonmakeup | Stylist // Haili Pue, All Ze Details @allzedetails

Fashion Credits: Top // Charles and Ron | Shorts // Aritzia | Boots // Chinese Laundry

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