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Beauty From Within Out

Beauty From Within Out

My life mirrors what I believe about myself.

Our lives are extraordinary journeys. As we navigate through different experiences, we define our preferences for how we want to live; that is how our desires are shaped. It is normal to think that life can be unjust, but when we look inside ourselves — when we are honestly aware of how we respond to what we like or dislike — we discover a pattern of thinking that in time becomes a belief. According to that, we react.

If there is something we would like to change, we have to look within first. Our life is the reflection of that which we hold inside; it’s the perception we have of ourselves and the world around us. By being aware of that, we will tap into the most precious knowledge and will embrace our inner power.

Embracing my self expression and self-love.

Love is the most joyful emotion in the entire universe. Everything shifts and changes when we emanate and give love. It might seem egoistic to love ourselves and express that which we desire, but we can only receive and give back what we feel.

We all act according to how we think and what we believe. Caring and being aware of our emotions will guide us in the direction we create, for that is what we manifest. Giving out of pity will bring a different result than when we see the potential in ourselves, hence in others.

True empowerment comes from the awareness of the movement of the creation process, which dances in and out, in and out, in and out. The only way to uplift others is by becoming our own example of that which we choose to be a fuller life experience. 

I am always eternally becoming, I am the light within.

The universe is always in motion, eternally expanding into more. As we are a part of all that, we are also eternally becoming. Nothing is static; everything is changing all the time. Being aware of the connection to the light we carry inside ourselves, we will follow it, experiencing the bliss of our natural flow.

Life wants to express itself through us. We are the leading-edge creators who are blessed with the ability to bring the light, the energy to physical life. The universe expands through us as we embrace the variety and choose what is best for us, crystallizing our desires into our physical realm. Always follow your light, and you will feel the infinite truth you carry inside. 

How I see myself others see me.

Our emotions are the indicators of the experience we create. We might not change our physical realm within a minute, but we can tap into a different emotion that feels better by focusing on something else, something we can easily appreciate. Where do we put our attention? That is what we invite to ourselves.

Others, no matter what they think about us, are simply showing how we see and feel about ourselves. Their perspectives about life will always be different than ours, as we all can only think and act from our own selves. It is easy to love someone who loves you back. Appreciate those around you, no matter what they think about you, because it’s the perfect opportunity to practice unconditional love for others and yourself.

It is always my choice.

We can look at the same situation twice and see it from different perspectives based on where we decide to put our attention. The fastest way to find a solution is to seek the solution and not its opposite. It is always our choice where we want to look; we can only find and see that which we bring our attention to.

Look for things to appreciate, look for the beautiful nature, look for experiences to enjoy, and you will find yourself in a predominantly consistent bliss. Like that, you will allow thoughts that feel good and emotions that feel great, which in turn will inspire you to do actions equivalent to your vibrational state.

Illustration by Ines Glavas

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