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Amy White: A Multi-Dimensional Being

Amy White: A Multi-Dimensional Being

At all times, there’s a dance between the question and the answer, the movement of asking and receiving. Through our curiosity and desire to know, we expand our awareness and add more of it to the whole consciousness of everything that exists, which is often referred to as the Universe, God, or Source. 

“I love to dig deep in conversation and relationships, to investigate the ins and outs of everything around me,” Amy White, one of the most notable spiritual facilitators, says. Amy White sees herself as a multi-dimensional being, a seeker of joy, play, and adventure. “I’m a curious person and a lifelong asker of ‘why?’” 

We are constantly asking, making preferences, therefore creating new desires as we navigate through our physicality, all the variety we observe that surrounds us. From there, we progress to the discovery of receiving the answer we have already created through the question. The more questions we ask, the more desires we create—the more answers we receive. 

“I enjoy looking beyond the surface in the way that we can look around the planet and say, ‘Oh, that flower outside my window is so beautiful.’ But there’s a part of me that wants to know everything down to the root. For example, how long did the seed lay in the ground? How long did it take to grow? At what point does it bloom? Thus, I think that’s the way I look at life in general. I’m inquisitive and always inquiring—not to prove myself right or wrong, but to experience the vastness of all that is here. And I really do go about the planet that way—in my everyday mundane and exciting life—it’s really the core of who I am,” Amy shares candidly. 

The flow of the creation process within which the lifeforce expresses itself through us is the balance between asking and receiving, which means observing our physical reality to clarify desired preferences, then delving within to feel and experience those preferences in our physicality. We all are intuitive beings, although not everyone is aware of it. We are always connected to that lifeforce; therefore, we can’t help but receive and channel what’s coming through us in our own unique way. 

Photography // Bobby Quillard

Amy allowed herself to be wide open to listen to her intuition and to speak her intuition out loud—a process that eventually became the channeling of The Greater Consciousness. “Before I started practicing intuition, mediumship, #TruthBomb dropping as a profession,” Amy smiles, pauses, and then reminisces, “I was working in corporate roles and doing coaching. So as I started to work with my coaching clients, I began to notice a shift in my awareness of the information I was receiving, which and I dubbed ‘intuition.’ And even as I began working with clients more in the space of intuitive readings, I couldn’t really differentiate between intuition and channeling. And it wasn’t until I started digging deeper and asking more questions that I understood all of the work I was doing, and all of the information I was getting was truly channeled information. Nearly eight years ago, I first heard within myself a whisper named The Greater Consciousness. Then there was the lovely and mind-blowing manner I absorbed the description of them as collective energy. They describe themselves as, ‘All of the Wisdom that ever was; All of the Wisdom that will ever be; All of the Wisdom that’s here, right now, in this time and space; and every living being.’ Now, if we sit with that for a minute, it’s mind-blowing—they said that they are the infinite wisdom, not just of the cosmos, but the infinite wisdom that resides and is alive within each and every individual that’s here on this planet—every soul that has been here, is here, and we’ll be here. And then I realized they are the ones that have been speaking to me, since as far back as I can remember, feeling this inner knowledge, feeling and connecting to this intuition.”

When we ask, we do predominantly so from a physical point of view—our Human perspective. At that moment, we create both a new desire and simultaneously the answer to that desire. But, in the state of a question, we can’t receive what we have already created. Then we move from the question to discovering the answer that we have previously created through the question. We move within to receive the answer, to a wider, predominantly non-physical, unfocused state—our God perspective. That’s a process we go through on a regular basis. Some people remain in the state of questioning for a longer period of time. Some people spend more time in the answer state. Some, on the other hand, take the reins in their hands and choose how long and how quickly they want to move through the entire creative process, balancing our Human and God perspectives. 

Amy’s wider perspective of all that exists, which is constantly flowing through her, is known as the Greater Consciousness. She has the ability to get quickly into that wide, steady state, where she is open to receiving the universal wisdom that she expresses through her own words. It’s from inner to outer reflection in real-time, either with herself or other people she has a conversation with, answering all of their questions. 

“For people who don’t comprehend what channeling is, the best way that I can describe being a channel is by picking up a phone, dialing The Greater Consciousness, and having this conversation with a group of friends. For me, it’s easy and natural—it’s just been inherent to who I am. So, there isn’t a differentiator that says, ‘one day, I wasn’t a channel.’ To me, being a channel is the open pipeline to this universal consciousness information that’s coming through. And the way it works is that it tap into my inner knowing, my inner wisdom, as well as the inner wisdom of the people I’m working with. So, I love to say, it’s like a party line on a telephone, for those who are old enough to know what that means,” Amy says playfully. 

We all channel in our own unique ways all the time. Whatever we do, when we are in the space of sensing that our creative juices flow with ease, or we are in bliss, or we feel divinely intervene, we are channeling. 

Photography // Bobby Quillard

Amy shares about her process of channeling The Greater Consciousness, “It was a little bit clunky in the beginning. At first, the feeling that I would get was very much sensed in my body. I really started to recognize the intuitive information through my sense of feeling. So, the information was coming as a feeling, and then, somewhere in my body, I don’t really know how to describe it, other than sensing something happening within my physical being—the information is translated into words. As I was coaching business in business and life coaching, I started to realize I knew things about them that I didn’t know how. And so I kept quiet but used that intuitive information as a guide, as a way to really direct the coaching for the highest good of the client. And as I put that intuition into practice, I learned to close the gap between how the energy came in and the speed at which it was translated—not because I intended to do that, but because it became more part of who I was as I became more comfortable with the flow. Yeah. So, it’s been an evolution to come into contact with how it works and how it feels.”

The Greater Consciousness is available to everyone, not only to a selected group of people. It’s everyone’s innate knowing of wisdom, and we choose how we want to recognize what we already know within ourselves. Amy allows that wisdom to flow as answers for others; she reflects the answers others already have within themselves. In that sense, a conversation with Amy through The Greater Consciousness is a conversation with oneself. Amy is so steady in holding herself in a very specific vibrational state that she can allow that flow of wisdom to happen at any time and place. 

“I asked my personality, my self, my ego, my thinking mind, to step aside and make room. I don’t try to make that part of me go away because, in my practice, I don’t want to deny my ego self; it plays an important role in all, and it’s very valuable. And I believe it’s so powerful because it allows me to connect with The Greater Consciousness at any moment in time, wherever I am,” says Amy. And then she affirms, “The Greater Consciousness represents the infinite wisdom that lives within each one of us and is available to everyone.  So, each of us individually has access to this knowing and even those who don’t feel intuitive or connected to a fuller aspect of themselves. Each of us can find instances in our lives where there have been synchronicities or things that have shown up out of the blue for which we have no explanation. And those are the moments when each of us experiences a connection with our inner wisdom and enables it to come up in whatever way it chooses. Moreover, it often happens when our resistance is down, and we’re not pushing against anything—when we’re not trying to force the connection. In fact, we don’t have to force this connection; it’s very organic and available. It’s all about being deliberate in our receptivity to the possibility of hearing the wisdom, our wisdom, the knowledge of our soul, whispering to us at any given moment. That’s where the practice comes in, especially for so many of us who walk around the planet very heavy, very much in our thinking mind, and not as much in our heart-mind or in that soul center that exists within each one of us.”

The most fulfilling aspect of Amy’s work with The Greater Consciousness is that it is so playful for her; it’s fun, and it makes her feel alive to see all the pieces come together at the same moment. She is capable of fully embodying herself. Amy enjoys witnessing the ‘aha’ moments that occur when wisdom is imparted to a client or a group of people. According to her, “My role is essentially that of a channel. It brings the information forward and allows me to say, ‘I’m not attached to what people choose to do, or whether they feel resistance or whether it validates something within my human experience.’ It just gives me so much freedom to be present and not get intertwined with what’s happening around me.”   

Photography // Bobby Quillard

Aside from The Greater Consciousness, Amy is also human, and like all of us, from the Human perspective, we integrate that which we have received from the God-like perspective—The Greater Consciousness. Amy channeled a few best-selling books, and she also regularly writes self-reflections called #TruthBomb, where she shares a recent experience in her physicality and the awareness she gained through that experience. About those drop the mic stories, full of insights that can resonate with anyone who wants to expand their awareness, Amy says, “Here’s the real raw and dirty truth about these #TruthBombs—these are for me. They are my #TruthBombs. They are my process. It is the space where The Greater Consciousness speaks to me in my own personal practice; this is something really big. I say, ‘Wow! If this is an ‘aha’ moment for me, perhaps there are those out there who need to hear this as well. But for me, #TruthBombs is so intimate. It is like sharing parts of my journal, my diary, with the world, but there is no desire or expectation that it will influence anything. I’m just living my process out loud, and I do when these blocks of wisdom come through. If people read them and they see part of their own journey in it, that’s fabulous. And if they don’t, that’s fabulous, too, because the truth of it has already landed for me where it needed to land. And so, everything else is gravy.”

Amy benefits from the wisdom that flows through The Greater Consciousness as well. She says, “Every time I do a reading or speak in an event, there are always some aspects of the information that comes through that is very spot on for me as well. And I think that’s really the beauty. This is not a one-way street; there’s so much of this infinity sign of energy going between me and The Greater Consciousness, and me and the client or audience—we’re all getting something. I don’t go into any of these conversations with the thought that there’s nothing here for me; in fact, just the opposite. For me, it’s all about having fun, exploring, and going on adventures. So it’s almost as if you’re thinking, ‘Oh, I wonder what tasty pieces I’ll learn today, too.’ And, to give you an example, I just wrote a truth bomb about this the other day. I was having a conversation with someone about how they were feeling out of alignment because of a scenario that didn’t feel right to them. And it was out of that discomfort that they discovered a lot about what and who they no longer are. However, they interpreted their discomfort as a sign that they were out of alignment, claiming, ‘I must be out of alignment because this doesn’t feel good.’ The Greater Consciousness came through and said, ‘Oh, what if discomfort is the invitation asking you to explore your alignment?’”

Everything we try to hold on to, whether it’s considered negative or positive, will hold some form of resistance, rather than allowing the energy to flow in a balance that feels steady to us. We will make the most of the entire creation process we call life if we recognize, honor, and embrace our blended human and divine parts.

Photography // Bobby Quillard

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