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Our talents are special and unique, but nothing makes us more special than being here, now, alive. We are innately worthy of having everything we desire. Worthiness cant be earned or reached; its our birthright. Everything That Exists wouldnt be whole without our existence—thats how important we are. Our expressions are an excuse, a permission slip for us to experience the pleasure of creating the life we choose to be the best for us.

Artist Ami McKay, who is founder of PURE Design Inc, creative director, and award-winning interior designer, says, “Until recently, I didn’t realize that we are the ones who give ourselves permission to live life fully. I’ve been on my path for a long time. I spread joy to those around me. I love and accept. I am full of joy, love, fun, beauty, kindness, and appreciation. Design is who I am. All these passions come from inside me, from what lights me up. But I’m also an entrepreneur because I have turned all my passions into a way of making a living.”

When navigating life trying to follow other peoples expectations, we will never be fully fulfilled. Following our passion moment by moment means fulfillment. Nothing is static; all is expanding and becoming new, and so are our interests and passions. We can ask ourselves, What makes me feel good to act on now?” The answer to this question sometimes doesnt make rational sense, but you can sense thats what you are meant to do at this moment. Since we are the ones who give meaning to our lives, what you mean becomes who you are. When we feel fulfilled and in joy, our hearts cant but share it with the world, inviting others to join the party.

“I’m a highly scheduled human when I’m in Canada. But when traveling, I see new, fresh things and experiences I haven’t had before. Then, I want to share it with everybody. I love all people. I love all religions. I love all languages. I love different foods. I love all cultures—architecture, design, stories, and history. I am making every minute on this planet count because it’s spectacular. When I see something that’s a new and fresh design, whether it’s fashion, interiors, or architecture, I always look for the repeating patterns. It makes me a better designer, and then I bring it back to Canada through design, where there is always someone excited to use it and implement it in their home. My *partner and I love our house. Whenever we go to Europe, we bring something new back, and our home becomes more international. I feel so much joy, love, and happiness, especially when I am in Italy, that I can’t help but share it with others. I’m planning to do Italian tours and take people to my favorite places through the designer’s eye: walk the streets, flea markets, antique stores, and all the places that I love the most. I appreciate the design and curating of the experience. So, whether I’m designing interior spaces or sharing my favorite places around the world, I’m having the best time of my life. And, of course, I’m a human being, and other things are happening, but I spend most of my time being in joy,” shares Ami.

Sometimes, when we are going through challenges and are facing a problem, we cant hear our intuition, which is always lovingly guiding us towards the path of the most allowance. However, the variety of experiences we observe and are exposed to, in contrast, brings us clarity about our preferences. When we recognize our responsibility for our own alignment, which means the ability to respond to what is happening for us, we can deliberately move towards pleasure instead of escaping pain. Complete acceptance of who we are at the moment, without judging it as good or bad, will naturally lead us to fall in love with the whole of who we are, which in turn disperses the perception of challenges around us. Because what is most challenging is trying to control whats outside us. What feels empowering is changing ourselves from the inside, knowing that whether we are aware about it or not, it always invites and matches the outside. Whatever we are experiencing outside of us is information, a feedback about what we emanate from inside of us.

Ami shares about how she shifted from being in challenge to being in magic, “Here I am, the most positive person radiating joy in gratitude, yet I’ve gone through the wringer. I’ve always been a positive person, but I made the wrong choice to marry the wrong person. And I had to live with the consequences of that. We were married for a decade, and I wanted to leave every six months. I tried to figure it out and went to therapy and counselling, and then finally, one therapist said, ‘Ami, I know what’s going on. We need to help you plan to leave and get you out.’ When I finally left him, I was living in a woman’s shelter. I had to go to a food bank for a year to feed myself and my boys. My line of credit was maxed, so I was completely in debt. I was so heartbroken, not for leaving my marriage, but because I couldn’t take care of my kids the way I wanted. So, what kept me going? Well, I had to be positive for my kids, and myself. Now, I am so happy I went through all that crap. That period of my life felt like I had the stomach flu I had to take care of. And it was tough, but on the other side, it was blissfully wonderful,” says Ami, then continues, “During my previous marriage, I didn’t have a journal. Still, I would write these letters and lists, sticking them randomly in the books on the bookshelf. When I finally left my ex-husband, I forgot those were there. As he was moving out, one page fell out, and he opened up all the books and saw everything I wrote. My whole truth was there, and he got to see it all. My positive list would be what I want in the perfect partner, and I hoped it would be him at that time. I wrote these beautiful lists of somebody who laughs with me, and it felt like we both got the best end of the deal—all the good things. In the end, I put that out there, and it worked. The person I was writing about is in my life now. I believe in manifestation, and I’ve always done it. I’ve always imagined, dreamed, and written it, and then it happened to me. It’s like it is magic.”

We infuse everything we do with the energies we are radiating at the moment of any action. Its like sending a boomerang of frequencies that will always come back to us in the form of experiences based on what we are vibrating. Thats why it is essential to be conscious about how we feel when we act on something. Our emotions are indicating what we are currently creating. The good news is that we know what to do by being aware of how we feel. When we feel good, we are inspired, and action naturally feels easy and efficient. When we feel the opposite of good, we must motivate ourselves to do something that feels forceful and stresses our life experience. Complaining brings more things to complain about. Being grateful and in love with life brings more things to be in love. We have the freedom to choose.

“When I was 24, I traveled throughout Thailand for two months. I met this British couple staying at the same place I was, and the man complained about his profession, which was tiling, the whole time. At the same time, I sat in front of a temple that was being made by all these beautiful Thai people. The tradespeople were setting the tiles, laying the floors, tiling the walls with gold inset, sparkly, little mirrors. And then this man was doing these pillars, and it was wet concrete. He was using something that was making the patterns in the columns. As I was sitting there for hours, I watched how they did it with so much love. Their intention while making this kind of Temple was my first experience seeing people creating something with so much love. I thought, ‘This is what I’m going to do. I will have my company and, in my heart, people who love their craft because we’re passing this on to people to live in this house.’ Going forward I realized I could choose who I worked with, and I choose people who love their craft. I can control who I surround myself with and the people I hire, like my team. There are 12 of us; all are beautiful, beautiful humans. I analyzed all our personalities to see everybody’s strengths, not the weaknesses, and if there were any holes to fill up in the company with the next hire. Everybody scored high in empathy. Of course, I would surround myself with all these empathetic, beautiful people. We infuse our energy into everything. We have a team that loves their work,” says Ami.

Photography // Janis Nicolay

Our purity of intentions allows us to tune into the version of ourselves we want to be and experience. Consciously setting an intention is consciously pre-paving our life experience, expecting it to be valuable for everyone involved in the co-creation. From that perspective, the process of creating, the creation of ourselves, becomes a win-win for everyone. And then the result of it that manifests in a physical form is the evidence of the process of being the love we are and then directing that love towards everything and everyone.

Ami passionately says, “My intentions were completely authentic when I created PURE Design Inc. My design company used to be called Ami McKay Design, and I named my furniture line PURE Inc because everything in my design, including all my furniture, was free of toxic materials and substances, there was nothing dangerous about it. Since my furniture is healthy and considered, my design aesthetic is too. So I adopted the name PURE for my entire company. Having said that, I’m not Pollyanna; I am very much a realist. I understand there can be so much hardness, complications, and difficulties, but I don’t want to live in it. I don’t want to dwell on it. And so, PURE Design for me is the intention behind giving people a healthy home that feels good. I don’t just create beautiful spaces; I also create sacred spaces. And we get notes from clients that say, ‘We love our house so much!’ When clients come to the office, I get so excited like a child. I have childlike enthusiasm for what I do. I walk through people’s houses, and all these ideas come to me. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a site visit. I walked into the small children’s room with ceilings a little vaulted. Then I walk into their master, and there’s this whole area over top of their closet. I asked them, ‘What’s up there?’ they said, ‘Nothing.’ Then I said, ‘Why don’t we take your kid’s bedroom, put in this big bedroom, put a ladder up the wall, build a bridge that takes over that space. Put railings there for them to go in and have this new zone with lighting, making it an amazing kids’ area.’ They were so excited. I see through a kid’s lens. I remember what it feels like to be a kid. It’s a fun process, and people we design for can feel it, too.”

Our inner light wants to shine through as many expressions as we want to experience in our lives. We can live many lifetimes in one life, which allows us to know more of who we are from different angles. Ami is having her TV breakout moment with her home design pilot Vancouver Reno for Magnolia Network, available for streaming on Philo and discovery+ in Canada, and on MAX. in the U.S.. She shares about her experience, “Now, I’m using TV and design to shine and share my energy. Television has allowed me to shine bright, share posts, and give good feelings. The audience’s response is so beautiful, and I’m very proud. It was worth it. It was great. It turned out so well. The whole filming part was fun and easy. I get to show and share with people how incredibly fun the process of designing a house is.”

Happiness is the ease with which we move through life. Nobody can make anyone happy but us. And we, as sovereign beings, dont want to put such burden and responsibility on ourselves and others, for them to make us or us to make them be happy and in joy. This creates codependency on othersstate of being, and everyones state of being can only be aligned within each of us individually.

“What I love the most about myself is that I love myself completely and profoundly, 100% through and through. I’m proud of myself. What I love about others is when I see other people who are grateful and truly happy and appreciate their life and the people in it. I love my joy, and I love other people’s joy,” concludes Ami.

Like Ami, are you being in love with yourself and life?

Photography // Janis Nicolay
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