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Amalia, Raena, and Gabriella: Triple Charm

Amalia, Raena, and Gabriella: Triple Charm

Tuning into the deliciousness of life is embracing the variety of flavors our world offers so that we can choose the best experience. It takes great pleasure to be delighted by the process of sifting, sorting, and making clear preferences of what we desire. It feels exciting to surrender our desires to the discovery of all the gift boxes encountered during the realization of our dreams into being. It’s a fascinating never-ending journey with no destination but to lead by example, charming others to experience the magic within us.

Amalia (18), Raena (17), and Gabriella (13) are real-life sisters whose Triple Charm amplifies the frequencies of their vibrational essence, summoning the attraction of vast audiences by dancing and singing their way through life. Amalia describes her inner essence as easygoing, energetic, and fun, someone who loves to laugh and is always down for a good time. Raena says she is passionate, empathetic, and adventurous. And Gabriella expresses herself as calm, curious, and creative.

The sisters amassed over 5 million and counting followers on social media. But aside from their impressive impact through their creative expression, there is nothing more important than to enjoy and have fun. Anything we do, we infuse with the energy we aminate based on the state of being in the moment we create. We can choose to experience our life’s creation process from the perspective of comparison or joy.

Triple Charm says, “Creating content out of joy means doing what we love and sharing it with the world. We’re super grateful that millions of people enjoy it as much as we do. The positive response from our audience is what inspires us to create. We don’t think about it as a ‘competition.’ There is plenty of love to go around.”

We are born with a unique vantage point, with the ability to tune into the field of infinite potentials to be expressed. There is magic in matching our uniqueness with the uniqueness of others. Not because one has to complete the other, but because from the blending of a personal knowing of wholeness, we can experience Everything That Exists in its Oneness.

About the contribution to their artistic co-creation from the perspective of individual personalities that embodies the three of them and Triple Charm as a collective, Amalia says, “We each have different strengths, so we’re able to contribute unique things to Triple Charm. I play a big role in choreographing for us and coming up with the content ideas. I also have the most experience in music production, so I take the lead on that as well.” Then Raena continues, “I’m very detail-oriented, so I edit and post our videos. I also love writing and contribute much to our lyric writing and concepts.” And then Gabriella responds, “I love interacting with our audience, so I respond to comments. I’m also very creative, so I like to help with our fashion and merch designs. I also really enjoy melody writing.”

Photography // Secret Key Entertainment, LLC

Music is a universal language that unites. Cultural and contextual barriers dissipate when we come together to dance, sing, and enjoy our lives. Last year, during Hispanic Heritage Month, Triple Charm released their first bilingual, English, and Spanish song, Don’t Need a Reason. “We wrote Don’t Need a Reason to really connect with our Latin roots. We are 50% Puerto Rican and wanted to share part of our culture with our fans because we hadn’t discussed our heritage in depth before this song. We wanted to incorporate some of the sounds we listened to growing up, dancing around the house at our Abuela’s. Dance is a big part of Latin culture and our lives, so we thought this song was the perfect way to bridge the two together. We are so happy that we’ve been able to connect more with our culture and show our audience something they hadn’t seen from us before,” said Triple Charm about how they feel carrying the legacy of representing Latin culture.

Our readiness to experience the next step toward a desired outcome starts within ourselves. There is nothing that ever happens outside of us that first was anchored inside of us. Others giving us a chance and believing in us is evidence of us holding the unwavering presence of our full potential to become.

Triple Charm collaborated with well-known songwriter Heather J. Miley. The sisters say about taking away from co-creating with Heather, “Working with Heather will always have a special place in our hearts. She was the first to take a chance on us when we started. Before working with her, we had never written a song, so our first experience writing a song and going into the studio to record was with Heather.”

Our state of being is in the essence of every creation. First and foremost, we create for ourselves, as we are the ones experiencing the creative process firsthand. Therefore, the energy we put into any creation will ultimately reflect back from those who will experience that creation. The goal is never to focus on the outcome but to enjoy the process of its unfolding. Because when we create solely for the outcome, we introduce the need and limit for that outcome to be a certain way. But when we create from the heart, enjoying the process, we open up ourselves to outcomes that perhaps we couldn’t even imagine.

“The essence of our music is upbeat, positive, and pop. Each of our songs is always based around that, but we like exploring different sub-genres. Our music has evolved since we started for so many reasons. As we’ve grown up, our voices have developed and matured, and we’re much more confident in songwriting,” says Triple Charm and continues, “Whenever we are writing a song, the visuals always come to us right away. As we write the lyrics, we can practically picture how we want the song to be presented from a visual perspective. From the music video concept to choreography and outfits, it all comes to us very quickly. And most of the time, all three of us usually have the same ideas in mind. And we always love getting to see the feedback from our audience and what they really connect with. Our latest single, Thrive, has been getting an overwhelming amount of love. We wrote this song as a letter to our younger selves when we were first starting out Triple Charm, and this single is one we really put our hearts into it. It’s amazing to see our audience connect with that.”

Our desires are summoning the life force we are to express itself. We fuel our dreams with our attention toward either wanted or unwanted. Our feelings indicate the direction we are focusing. When we feel any negative emotion, which in essence is always based on fear, it’s our desire pulling us back to be centered so we can consciously re-direct our flashlight of attention to focus on what we want to experience. Any impact we want to make on others can go as far as us becoming that impact, leading by our own example.

“Performing is our favorite thing to do worldwide, so touring is our big goal. The energy when you step on stage is electric. Looking out at the audience and seeing the people who have come together to watch you perform is a feeling that never gets old. Since we started Triple Charm, our goal has always been to spread positivity and positively impact people’s lives. The best way we thought we could do that is through music, which has been a major part of our lives. Our intention has always been to inspire and uplift, and we hope, with our platform, to hopefully do that for millions of people.”

Like Amalia, Raena, and Gabriella, are you fully immersed in the enjoyment of your creation? Are you aware of your state of being when you create?

Photography // Secret Key Entertainment, LLC | Words //Armand Alvarez 

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