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Allison Kimball: The Inner Beauty of Spiked Kombucha

Allison Kimball: The Inner Beauty of Spiked Kombucha

We all have moments of observing what’s happening around our world and inevitably ask ourselves some questions or questioning situations, events we might be experiencing individually and globally. Depending on how long we stay in that question vibration, we will be able to see the answers to that question’s solution sooner or later. When it’s for too long, whether we like it or not, our attention to anything will always bring the essence of it into our life experience. 

Allison Kimball, a young entrepreneur, a model, an author of an upcoming book, and the creator of the Spiked Kombucha podcast, intuitively flipped her questions into receiving the answers leading herself into an immense personal growth and expansion last year. 

She says: “2020 was really good for me because I had so much self-growth, and I had the space to do that. It was a huge shift because I was living in New York City, and then I was able to come back home for quarantine. At first, it was a huge adjustment. And then it really forced me to slow down and take it easy, really be mindful, and have the time to do things I’ve always wanted to do. I have never been as mindful and as aware.” 

When we take the time to slow down and take it easy, we create more space for ourselves to tune within, see the world from a wider perspective, see all the answers, and then go without into a physical action to put those opportunities into movement. 

“So, 2020 was actually a really great time for me, and I am bringing that same energy into 2021. I’m really going with the flow and just allowing myself to do and be wherever I want to be. And I think I allowed myself to have that outlook because I was able to look on the bright side and see the positives,” says Allison. 

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Whenever we experience some discomfort from observing or experiencing something, what we are really asking for is clarity in what’s the next we want to experience. It gives birth to a new desire, a clear preference. Then you start to recognize that it’s this dance between being aware of it internally and experiencing it physically, both always hand to hand together. 

“When I make myself more decisive,” shares Allison, “I really noticed that I get what I want. I feel more satisfied. I feel like I am not lowering my standards for anybody else. I’m totally me. And then, people don’t get mad about it, people accept it, people go with the flow. And it’s a lot easier balance in a sense.”

Like other industries, modeling is considered very competitive, sometimes with a set of beauty standards that might even create controversy. However, like Allison, who thrives as a model, we can make our decisions to set our own standards and guidelines, even if we are told the opposite. And she knows that if we want any change, it starts with us, and the rest will follow. 

“100%,” says Allison, “I think that’s honestly how I have allowed myself to be where I am today. That is how it’s getting more diverse, more open, and more accepting. It’s because people really are seeing this from a new perspective. And seeing all these new models on billboards everywhere in the world, they have unconventional ‘beauty standards.’ And I say ‘beauty standards’ because there’s not even really confinement of that anymore. That is what’s making the industry a lot healthier. There are all different face shapes, attributes, colored eyes, color… Any kind of combination is seen as so much more beautiful, and people are becoming so much more open-minded.” 

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Allison shares more about her journey as a model: 

“When I started modeling, I was just twelve. I could not say the same thing about the industry at that time, but it has rapidly evolved. And I think that anybody can get into modeling if you really appreciate the art and understand it, and you’re really mindful of it. I don’t think it’s about having another pretty face anymore. The idea of beauty is so much different now; we can actually appreciate what’s truly beautiful to us and how people can really radiate and show that from the inside.”

The only constant is the change. Through our questions and requests to experience a fuller life, the entire algorithm of the Universe changes into infinite opportunities for us. We are continually becoming more, with each generation creating a new fresh world. 

Allison started her modeling career at a very young age, and she experienced certain situations where most of us would feel some insecurity. However, she turned those situations into loving herself more, as a result giving more of that love and understanding to others. 

“When I was younger, I really felt the need to wear a ton of makeup every single day. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because I admire makeup artists. I admire anybody that can-do full-face makeup and look gorgeous. I think for me, it wasn’t really about the art of makeup; it was more about hiding my insecurities and fixing my face and really trying to look a certain way. I noticed a massive evolution in myself that I definitely steered away from then and now. Makeup is a choice for me; I don’t feel like I need it, I don’t feel like I have to put it on. And then, when I do it, it’s fun; I can enhance my natural beauty. And I really just let the person I am on the inside and all my natural features shine.”

Photography // Valerie Merbis // IG @itsawildworldphotography

Since then, Allison’s perception of beauty has expanded so much that she says: “I think about the embodiment of beauty for myself every single day. When I am in lower vibrations, I am not feeling 100% myself, and I don’t feel beautiful; many of my unnecessary insecurities will start to come out. So, the embodiment of beauty for me, personally, is to do things I love and to be the best person I can be. Radiating kindness, radiating happiness, feeling joyful, practicing gratitude, and meditation really help me. And then when I show myself that I deserve to feel beautiful, that’s when I can actually radiate that. And that’s when I’m sitting in my own inner beauty, and it is just like the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.”

One of the most popular practices to raise our energies is breathing, meditation. Breathing is life. And when we take our time to breathe in and breathe out for a few minutes, it’s like Allison says, “I am appreciating the things I already have in front of me rather than the things that I lack. And then, when I feel all of this in abundance, I feel it all flowing to me naturally.”

Spiked Kombucha

Through her new podcast Spiked Kombucha, available now on Spotify, Allison continues to share her own life experience in the context of self-improvement to inspire others to live the life they want. About the inspiration behind the podcast, she says:

“I love kombucha, so I think of it like earthy, crunchy granola girl; organic, happy, authentic, and real. And ‘spiked’ is to add some spice to it (smiling). I wanted something that was going to keep me grounded, allow me to be myself. So, this was like the outlet and perfect balance because I can still have my outlooks for modeling and fashion as that’s a massive part of me, and I love it. But then, I can also show people my inner values, the things that really make me as a person.”

Photography // Valerie Merbis // IG @itsawildworldphotography

Allison is someone who embraces her freedom of choice by following the path that feels most comfortable. And to that, she says, “I’m not saying like, stay completely in your comfort zone. In a sense, I’m saying that comfort can even be felt within discomfort.” 

She also invites special guests to Spiked Kombucha for open conversations with the listening audience, reflecting on inspiring topics. “Guests on my podcast might look like entrepreneurs, inspirational people, authors, fellow podcasters, musicians, businesswomen and businessmen; people who really understand outside outlooks and people that I believe have beautiful minds with fresh, new ways of thinking where we can bounce ideas off of each other have a really great conversation.”

Also, Allison is writing a series of short books in the format of a self-reflecting journal. She says, “It started as more of a journaling tactic. I never intended to have it turned into a book. And then, it just really started to grow so much. And I was like, this is value, this is something that I can turn into; a profitable margin for the benefit of other people.” 

Like Allison is doing, we all can create and experience the beauty of life within a context that we have chosen and not the one that we suppose to. Everything is perceptual, and we all have the innate power to be aware of it, embrace who we want to become, and so it is… 

You, a brilliant being with limitless potential to be who you are, which is who you really want to be, a continual becoming. 


Cover Photography // Valerie Merbis // IG @itsawildworldphotography

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