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Alexis Sides: Loyal, Blunt, Perfectionist

Alexis Sides: Loyal, Blunt, Perfectionist

Our state of being mirrors every relationship we experience. Being loyal to others means being loyal to ourselves because we are, first and foremost, experiencing that state. When we speak, we experience a triple process of thinking about what we will say, saying it out loud, and then hearing it back. Therefore, speaking our truth is confirming to ourselves what we already believe. And what we believe, we are. The perfection of our human design is undeniable. We are all born with the freedom to create the life we think is best for us. But perfection is not a destination; it is the process of discovering a fuller expression of whom we are continually becoming.

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, raised in Cabo San Lucas, and now living in Vancouver, Canada, where he studied acting at the prestigious New Image College, artist Alexis Sides shares about the essence of who he is: “In three words: I am loyal, blunt, and a perfectionist. I am very loyal to all my relationships. I would never stab somebody’s back. And I would expect the same from others. I’m very truthful with my words. Especially with everyone close to me, I keep it real and blunt. I like everything to be perfect. Even in my auditions, if I’ve missed something, I’ll do it again until it feels perfect.”

Often, we choose to stay in the comfort of what is familiar to us. It might be discomforting to build trust, see beyond the current conditions, and embark on the unknown. But uncertainty is not negative; it just takes a leap of faith to follow our highest excitement to expand our lives in the direction of what we desire to experience.

“My mom and I went through a lot in Cabo San Lucas. She’s a single mom, and we had to start from the bottom. I learned a lot from her about hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I love her. Coming to Vancouver, having her support, succeeding in the entertainment industry, and now having had the opportunity to bring her to the premiere of Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies for Paramount+ in LA means the world to me. And it hits me even more as a Latino, as historically, it’s been harder for Latinos to succeed in North America. I’m very happy that I’m here now. It was a big step coming to Vancouver for sure,” says Alexis about his journey and inspiration to take the path of following his dream.

Photography // Trevor Brady

We always have the choice to be proactive instead of reactive. True confidence comes from knowing who we are and seeing others equally capable of being at their full potential. Blaming others is giving away our own power. Leading by our own example is the ultimate influence of inspiration we can have on one another.

About the awareness gained by becoming Pedro, aka Potato, in the iconic role of a T-Bird in the Grease prequel series, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies for Paramount+, Alexis says, “I’m already very confident, but Pedro, aka Potato, has given me a fuller sense of confidence to embrace more of who I am. He doesn’t worry about what people say; he just does his thing. There will always be haters, so you might as well just do what you want,” Alexis pauses and then continues, “Potato is not someone who puts on a ‘too cool for school’ act. He’s simply part of the T-Birds team, and that comes with a certain reputation. But deep down, he’s a warm and humorous guy who just wants to be accepted and appreciated. Unfortunately, his dad’s experience with war left him with PTSD, and we’re not sure about his mom’s situation yet – I don’t want to give anything away. What we do know is that Potato hasn’t received a lot of love from his family, and that’s something he’s searching for. This is where his relationship with Nancy comes in – he’s trying to find that sense of love and belonging through her. I believe the audience will connect with Potato’s unique personality and journey.”

To get his first breakthrough role as Potato on this project, Alexis did more than 75 auditions in three years. He remembers, “It will sound cliche, but my experience auditioning and being rejected taught me to never give up. Acting is one thing where you don’t want to give up, but to keep hoping and honing your craft and skills. Acting is one craft that will give back to you once you give it more than you’re waiting and expecting to get back. You might get a lot of gigs where you won’t be getting paid, but you’ll get a lot of experience. It’s a lot of dedication and perseverance. Sometimes, it was heartbreaking, for sure. There were many auditions where I would get callbacks, but I wouldn’t book anything. There were one or two moments when I felt tired. Where I thought that I was not going to do this anymore. But I would go to sleep, then wake up fresh, and always kept going.”

Alexis expects the audience to relate to the show and to reflect on the issues from the ‘50s that are still reflected in the world we live in today. He is proud and happy to represent his country, Mexico, and Latino culture within the entertainment industry in North America. Now that he is living his biggest dream, he is taking his time to integrate and enjoy this moment. And Alexis says, “Now in terms of my career, getting an A24 Films project will be the cherry on the top.”

Like Alexis, are you basking in the appreciation of your life and dreaming more into reality?

Cover Photography // Trevor Brady
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